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Our People

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Mauro Bambi
Director, research interests are in macroeconomic theory, economic theory and mathematical economics. 

Academic Staff 

Parantap Basu
Parantap is an applied macroeconomist who works on various areas of macroeconomics including macro-finance, inequality and growth, monetary policy in emerging market economies” Parantap was a member of the scientific committee for advising European Commission during 2010-2011. 

Xiaoshan Chen
Xiaoshan's research currently focuses on New Keynesian Macroeconomics, using micro-founded models to analyse monetary policy transmission, monetary policy switching, and monetary policy delegation schemes. 

David Chivers
David specialises in the macroeconomics of growth, inequality and development. 

Tatiana Damjanovic
Tatiana's primary research area is macroeconomics and banking. 

Sara Eugeni
Sara's areas of interest are macroeconomic theory and international macroeconomics. 

John Moffat
John's main research interests are in policy evaluation, productivity analysis, spatial economics and labour economics. 

Les Reinhornand Thomas Renstrom
Les and Thomas' research area is public finance with direct public policy implications for growth. 

Advisory Board 

Sumru Altuğ, Koç University 

Satyajit Chatterjee, Federal Reserve Bank, Philadelphia 

Simon Derrick, Managing Director, Bank of New York Mellon 

Pami Dua, Delhi School of Economics 

Roger Farmer, Warwick University and UCLA 

Chetan Ghate, Monetary Policy Committee of the Reserve Bank of India 

Sayantan Ghosal, University of Glasgow 

Max Gillman, University of Missouri-St Louis 

d'Artis Kancs, European Commission 

Nobu Kiyotaki, LSE/Princeton 

Patrick Minford, Cardiff 

B. Ravikumar, Federal Reserve Bank, St Louis 

Kunal Sen, University of Manchester 

Karl Shell, Cornell University 

Jon Temple, University of Bristol