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Current Projects

Two hands shaking with an overlay of digital binary code

The Centre for Technology and Innovation Management brings together leading-edge academic research with practical tools and extensive experience from collaborating closely with industry. This blend of theoretical rigorous research and practical application has given us the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects. Some of these are: 

  • Developing New Economic Models and Opportunities for Digital Games (funded by EPSRC) 
  • Modelling Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) systems for tracking business enterprises (with Financial InterGroup) 
  • Introducing new process systems and methods in operational policing (with North Yorkshire Police) 
  • Developing an open-source software ecosystem (software exchange, software knowledge repository and associated tools) for a comprehensive Electronic Health Record (funded by NHS) 
  • Developing a New Product Development pipeline management system for the pharmaceutical sector (funded by EPSRC) 
  • Assessment of the acceptability of Open Source Software using a modified Technology Adoption Models in the NHS (funded by ESRC) 
  • Building Capacity in Complex Systems and Complexity Theory via Master classes and Summer Schools (funded by ESRC) 
  • Helping SMEs adopting Open Source systems in manufacturing (funded by TSB and Industry) 
  • Leading and conducting international business sector focused missions (funded by Foreign and Commonwealth Office) 
  • Helping companies model Complex Portals Using Core Competencies (funded by EPSRC) 
  • Investigating the feasibility of incorporating DNA identification technology within the Gun Manufacturing (funded by EPSRC) 
  • Modelling intervention strategies for reducing gun crime in urban populations (funded by EPSRC) 
  • Helping develop collaborative product commerce techniques in the Sports Sector (funded by TSB)