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Ahmad, Wasim; Saeed, Saadat; Janovská, Kamila; Tien Dat, Le; Rizomyliotis, Ioannis; Ahmed, Sohel. Radical product sustainability oriented innovation (SOI) and triple-bottom-line (3BL) performance: findings from Malaysian and Singaporean B2B firms. Industrial Marketing Management (2024)

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Ren, S.; Liu, D.; Yan, J. How Officials’ Political Incentives Influence Corporate Green Innovation. Journal of Business Ethics (2024)


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Nikolopoulos, Kostas; Vasilakis, Chrysovalantis. Forecasting the Effective Reproduction Number during a Pandemic: COVID-19 Rt   forecasts, Governmental Decisions, and Economic Implications. IMA Journal of Management Mathematics (2023)

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