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Our Publications

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The International Centre of Public Accountability (ICOPA) was established in October 2021, as we begin the process of publishing our work, a list of publications will be found here.

Andrews, R. & Ferry, L. (2021). Political control and audit fees: an empirical analysis of local state-owned enterprises in EnglandPublic Money and Management

Ferry, L. & Sandford, M. (2021). Developing ‘place leadership’ when hierarchical accountability is omnipresent: the case of English sub-national government. Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management

Ferry, Laurence , Honeysett, Larry & Midgley, Henry (2021). Holding the Government to Account for its Finances: The ‘Unsung’ Heroes of the UK Parliament Scrutiny UnitJournal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management 33(2): 109-113.

Ferry, L., Hardy, C. & Midgley, H. (2021). Data, trust, democracy and Covid-19: the first parliamentary assessment of the UK government’s approach to data during the pandemicPublic Money & Management 41(8): 676-678.

Ferry, L. & Midgley H. (2021). Democracy, accountability and audit: the creation of the UK NAO as a defence of libertyAccounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal

Ferry, L., Hardy, C. & Midgley, H. (2021). An update to Data, trust, democracy and Covid-19: the first parliamentary assessment of the UK government’s approach to data during the pandemic. Public Money and Management 2021 CIPFA Fellows’ Digest

Hyndman N. Liguori, M. & McKillop, D. (2021). Many stones can form an arch, singly none: (Re-)establishing trust in charities Financial Accountability & Management 37(4): 385-398.

Connolly, C., Hyndman, N. & Liguori, M. (2021). Legitimating accounting change in charities: when values count more than regulationJournal of Accounting & Organizational Change 17(1): 23-49.

Alawattage, C, Arjaliès, D. Barrett, M. Bernard, J. Nova, S. Cho, C.H. Cooper, C. Denedo, M. , D’Astros, C. D. Evans, R. Ejiogu, A. Frieden, L. Ghio, A. McGuigan, N. Luo, Y. Pimentel, E. Powell, L. Pérez, P. Quattrone, P. Romi, A. M. Smyth, S. Sopt, J. & Sorola, M. (2021). Opening accounting: a ManifestoAccounting Forum 45(3): 227-246.

Green, Stuart & Ferry, Laurence (2021). The impact of accounting disturbances on organizational micro-practices in the schools’ sector in England. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal 34(4): 904-922.

Yasmin, S & Ghafran, C (2021). Accountability and legitimacy of non‐profit organisations: Challenging the current status quo and identifying avenues for future researchFinancial Accountability & Management 37(4): 399-418.

Yasmin, S., Ghafran, C. M. & Haslam, J. (2021). Centre-staging beneficiaries in charity accountability: Insights from an Islamic post-secular perspectiveCritical Perspectives on Accounting 75: 102167.

Haslam, J.Michael, A. & Nehme, R. (2021). The Impact of Time Budget and Time Deadline Pressures on Audit Behaviour: UK Evidence. Meditari Accountancy Research (Online).

 Haslam, J., Shu, X. & Smyth, S. (2021). Post-decision project evaluation (PPE) of UK public private partnerships (PPP): Insights from planning practice. Public Money and Management 41(6): 477 - 486.

 Haslam, J., Paterson, A. & Jackson, W. (2021). Critical reflections of accounting and social impact (Parts 1 and 2). Critical Perspectives on Accounting (Special Issue ).

Millar, John (2021). The gilded path: Capital, habitus and illusio in the fund management fieldAccounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal

Matsoso, M. Nyathi, M. & Nakpodia, F. (2021). An assessment of budgeting and budgetary controls among SMEs: Evidence from a developing economyJournal of Accounting in Emerging Economies 11(4): 552-577.

Nakpodia, F. Adegbite, E & Ashiru, F. (2021). Corporate governance regulation: a practice theory perspectiveAccounting Forum

Daly, S, Slack, R Brandon, T & Biddle, P (2020). Pathways through Trusteeship: Responding to the Trustee Recruitment Crisis. International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing 25(2): e1651.