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Autism is still underdiagnosed in girls and women. That can compound the challenges they face

Professor Carol Adams, from our Business School, and Dr Tamara May, Senior Research Fellow at Monash University, consider how autism being underdiagnosed in girls and women can lead to a lifetime of struggles.
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How Trump’s Covid-19 Tweets Impacted Social Distancing

The sentiment of Donald Trump’s tweets affected social distancing in the United States (US) according to new Business School research. It impacted Republican-voting states and Democrat-voting states in opposite ways.
How Trump’s Covid-19 Tweets Impacted Social Distancing

Government Covid response did not effectively support UK migrants

Our research suggests that the Government’s response to curbing the spread of Covid-19 did not do enough to support the challenges or needs of migrants living in the UK.
Benedetta Cappellini - New University

Narcissistic leadership in a post-pandemic world

Susanne Braun, Professor in Leadership, discusses narcissistic leadership in a post-pandemic world: COVID-19 has put our working lives under the microscope: Does my job make a difference? Does it bring me joy?
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Almost half of UK firms have made cuts to research and development

New research at the Business School has found that 45% of UK firms reduced their research and development (R & D) initiatives during the Covid-19 pandemic, with 18% halting theirs altogether.

Google customer ratings more important than hygiene ratings

A good Google review rating from customers is more important for restaurants, and more likely to draw in customers, than a good health and safety rating, according to new research from the Business School.
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Reducing social housing stigma in England

A new report investigating the stigma attached to social housing in England has revealed its significant negative impact to residents’ lives and wellbeing. The research, by Dr Mercy Denedo of the School and Dr Amanze Ejiogu of the University of Leicester School of Business, identified the actions of the Government, social housing providers and the media as the key influencers behind such perceptions.
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Corruption and high tax hinder entrepreneurs

New research at the Business School has found that countries with high levels of corruption and steep taxes contributed to stifling entrepreneurial activity and success.
Farzana Chowdhury

To boost vaccine uptake, socio-economic issues must be tackled

A new Business School study has found that to encourage greater uptake in Covid-19 vaccinations and adherence to self-isolation guidance amongst those reluctant in the North East of England, the Government must do more to address the socio-economic issues that influence people’s thinking.
Covid-19 vaccines