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Dr Sarah Keyes

Research Associate

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Research Associate in the Department of Sociology  


Sarah Keyes is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Sociology. Having undertaken her Undergraduate degree and PhD at Northumbria University, she moved to the School of Health in Social Science at the University of Edinburgh where she worked on a range of dementia-related research projects, including on the Healthbridge (National Dementia Strategy) Evaluation. She was the lead researcher in developing Core Principles for Involving People with Dementia in Research (SDWG Research Sub-group 2014).

Sarah is passionate about research that promotes meaningful participation and meaningful impact. Her academic background is in Disability Studies, and she continues to draw upon the social model of disability as a tool for understanding the complex experiences of people affected by dementia. Sarah also uses an Ethic of Care as a framework for understanding interdependence in interpersonal relationships. She moved to Durham University in September 2019 and currently works on the Alzheimer’s Society funded “Beyond the Margins” implementation project, which focusses on developing a Personal Development Programme with, by and for people affected by dementia. Her time is also spent on dementia research development.


Chapter in book

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Journal Article

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