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Facilities and Equipment

We have an extensive range of state-of-the-art research equipment and facilities across a range of disciplines. Our equipment and facilities are open to external organisations and include equipment in:

In some cases, you can access our facilities directly, or you can use the services of our highly skilled technicians to analyse samples for you.

Durham University's Research Equipment-Sharing Database

RE@D stands for Research Equipment @ Durham and is a database of all research equipment at Durham University over the value of £10,000. It has been designed to comply with RCUK guidelines on equipment sharing and to aid the grant-writing process by allowing academics to view items of research equipment available for their use.

Some equipment is available to share with external users.

High-Quality Technical Support

Durham University is proud to be a signatory of the Technician Commitment which recognises the invaluable role our technicians play in delivering high-quality analytical services.

Get in Touch

If you are not sure what technique you require, email or call 0191 334 4176.