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Global Networks and Consortia

International collaboration is key to Durham's excellence in teaching and research. We have affiliations with many institutions and organisations worldwide. We work collaboratively across departments, with external partners, networks and consortia to contribute positively to societal changes and develop innovative world changing research.
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International Consortia & Networks

We are proud to be a member of the following international consortia, organisations & networks: 

Matariki Network of Universities (MNU)

A select international alliance of seven leading research-led universities who share a commitment to excellence in research, scholarship and education
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Coimbra Group (CG)

The Coimbra Group comprises 40 long-standing, comprehensive universities of high, international standard from 22 European countries, committed to internationalisation.
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University of the Arctic (UArctic)

Bringing together over 200 European and global research institutions, UArctic facilitates research collaborations, student exchange and educational cooperation.
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The Japan-UK Research and Education Network for Knowledge Economy Initiatives, a strategic partnership for research collaboration between universities
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Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA)

CARA is dedicated to provide refuge and support to academics who are unable to continue their research in their home countries.
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Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

The ACU, represents over 520 universities from commonwealth countries and is the oldest and one of the largest inter-university networks in the world.

International Association of Universities (IAU)

Created under the auspices of UNESCO in 1950, a membership-based organisation serving the global higher education community.
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European University Association (EUA)

A forum for cooperation, the EAU plays a crucial role in influencing EU policies on higher education, research and innovation.
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World-Wide Research and Partnerships

Durham University works in partnership with research institutions around the world, to share and grow global knowledge. Here are some of our connections across the regions of the globe.

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