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Art Durham

4 – 24 June 2018 

Art Durham launched in 2018 as a new visual arts festival for Durham City, and a collaborative project created by Durham County Council and Durham University. The festival featured a wide range of visual arts activities appealing to a variety of audiences from families to students and arts professionals. The programme featured The Bailey Gallery art tours, new exhibitions, student exhibitions, artist workshops and an art market. 

In Art Durham 2018, we: 

  • Worked with, or exhibited, over 80 artists 
  • Had over 3,000 visitors 
  • Held events in 14 venues 
  • Facilitated 13 artist events
  • Curated six new exhibitions, three featuring Durham University collections 
  • Worked with 20 student volunteers 
  • Worked with five student curators. 

Looking into a large shop window from outside, inside the shop is an art exhibition on the walls, groups of people stand inside the shop chatting. Outside the shop is an A-board in side profile with a pink balloon attached to it.

Chris Younger, The Clearing, pop-up exhibition.