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Fay Pomerance: Redemption

4 August – 24 September 2017

Ushaw College 

Curated by Durham University, in partnership with Ushaw College, Redemption featured little-seen work by British Jewish artist, Fay Pomerance (1912-2001). 

Pomerance stood apart from the mainstream of post-war British art. The artist experienced spiritual visions throughout her life, which informed her dreamlike iconography and complex narratives. Building on the work of 19th century visionaries such as William Blake, her unique style foreshadowed the flowing imagery of 1960s psychedelia. Pomerance's mystical faith was central to her work, and this exhibition explored her response to questions of evil and redemption. 

Landscape format painting, illustrative in style, visualising the story of Lucifer’s redemption.

Fay Pomerance, From The Sphere of Redemption series, 1949-1965, Courtesy the artist's estate.