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Our Publications

This is a list of selected publications by the core members of this Research Centre. Please visit members’ Personal Websites for full lists of publications and working papers. 

Journal Articles

Pan, J., Shachat, J. and Wei, S. (Forthcoming). Cognitive stress and learning economic order quantity inventory management: An experimental investigation. Decision Analysis. 

Shachat, J., Walker, M. J. and Wei, L. (2021b). The impact of an epidemic: Experimental evidence on preference stability from Wuhan. American Economic Review - Papers and Proceedings. Vol. 111, 302-06.

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Moffat, J., and Yoo, H. I. (2020). Religion, religiosity and educational attainment: evidence from the compulsory education system in England. Applied Economics52(4), 430-442.

Harrison, G. W., Lau, M. I., and Ross, D. (2020). The risk of gambling problems in the general population: A reconsideration. Journal of Gambling Studies36(4), 1133-1159.

Pan, J., Shachat, J. and Wei, S. (2020). Cognitive reflection and economic order quantity inventory management: An experimental investigation. Managerial and Decision Economics41(6): 998-1009.

Rosenberger, L. A., Naef, M., Eisenegger, C., & Lamm, C. (2020). Interpersonal distance adjustments after interactions with a generous and selfish trustee during a repeated trust game. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology90, 104001.

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Book Chapters

Lau, M. I., Yoo, H. I. and Zhao, H. (2021). Temporal Stability of Cumulative Prospect Theory. In Models of Risk Preferences: Descriptive and Normative Challenges. Harrison, G. W. & Ross, D Bingley, UK: Emerald, Research in Experimental Economics.

Fiebig, D.G. & Yoo, H. I. (2019). Econometrics of Stated Preferences. In The Oxford Encyclopedia of Health Economics. Jones, Andrew M. Oxford: Oxford University Press.