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Our Latest Publications 


Birgit Schyns. Triggered abuse: How and why leaders with narcissistic rivalry react to follower deviance. Journal of Business Ethics (2023)

Gauglitz, I.K., Schyns, B., Fehn, T. et al. The Dark Side of Leader Narcissism: The Relationship Between Leaders’ Narcissistic Rivalry and Abusive SupervisionJournal of Business Ethics (2023)

Schedlitzki, Doris; Larsson, Magnus; Carroll, Brigid; Bligh, Michelle C.; Epitropaki, Olga. The SAGE Handbook of Leadership (2023) 

Gerbasi, Alexandra; Emery, Cécile; Parker, Andrew. Understanding Workplace Relationships: An Examination of the Antecedents and Outcomes (2023) 

Epitropaki, O.; Acton, B.; Nieberle, K. Implicit Leadership and Followership Theories: From the leader/follower within and between to leaders/followers in plural and in flux. The SAGE Handbook of Leadership. (2023) 

Robinson, Mark; Braun, Susanne. Managing in the collective: The practice of Big Science collaborations. Managerial Practice Issues in Strategy and Organization (2023) 

Guillén, Laura; Kakarika, Maria; Heflick, Nathan. Sexualize one, objectify all? The sexualization spillover effect on female job candidates. Journal of Organizational Behavior (2023) 

Muñoz-Roman, Pablo; Braun, Susanne; Chowdhury, Farzana; Barton, Marieshka; Jayne-Little, Nicola; Komes, Jessica; Rowland, Joanne; Sykes, Katherine; Smith, Jason; Talbot-Jones, Clare; Taggart, Adele. The Deterioration of Self-Worth in Entrepreneurship. Journal of Business Venturing Insights (2023) 

Nieberle, K. W.; Acton, B. P.; Braun, S.; Lord, R. G.; Fu, Y. A. Leader identity on the fly: Intra-personal leader identity dynamics in response to strong events. Journal of Business and Psychology (2023) 

Schyns, B.; Gauglitz, I. K.; Gilmore, S.; Nieberle, K. Vulnerable narcissistic leadership meets Covid-19: The relationship between vulnerable narcissistic leader behaviour and subsequent follower irritation. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (2023) 

Page, Aaron; Sealy, Ruth; Parker, Andrew; Hauser, Oliver. Regulation and the trickle-down effect of women in leadership roles. The Leadership Quarterly (2023) 

Guan, Yanjun; Jiang, Da; Wu, Chaorong; Deng, Hong; Su, Shangyao; Buchtel, Emma E.; Chen, Sylvia Xiaohua. Distressed yet bonded: A longitudinal investigation of the COVID-19 pandemic’s silver lining effects on life satisfaction. American Psychologist (2023) 

Kakarika, Maria; Taghavi, Shiva; González-Gómez, Helena. Don’t Shoot the Messenger? A Morality- and Gender-based Model of Reactions to Negative Workplace Gossip. Journal of Business Ethics (2023) 

Decreton, Benoit; Tippmann, Esther; Nell, Phillip C.; Parker, Andrew. More effective solutions? Senior managers and non-routine problem solving. Strategic Management Journal (2023) 

Ozman, Muge; Parker, Andrew. The Effect of Social Networks, Organizational Coordination Structures, and Knowledge Heterogeneity on Knowledge Transfer and Aggregation. Journal of Evolutionary Economics (2023) 

Chen, Ze; Wang, Yuan; Guan, Yanjun; Guo, Michael Jie; Xu, Rong. Long-term effect of childhood pandemic experience on medical major choice: Evidence from the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome outbreak in China. Health Economics (2023) 

Zheng, Xiaotong (Janey); Nieberle, Karolina W.; Braun, Susanne; Schyns, Birgit. Is Someone Looking Over My Shoulder? An Investigation into Supervisor Monitoring Variability, Subordinates’ Daily Felt Trust, and Well-being. Journal of Organizational Behavior (2023) 

Legate, Nicole; Weinstein, Netta; Graham, Les; Plater, Marisa. Antiā€bias training and perceived force climate: Links with prejudiced attitudes in United Kingdom policing. Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology (2023) 

Schyns, Birgit; Braun, Susanne; Xia, Ying Emma. What motivates narcissistic individuals to lead? The role of identity across cultures. Personality and Individual Differences (2023) 

Zhang, Bibi; Wisse, Barbara; Lord, Robert G. How objectifiers are granted power in the workplace. European Journal of Social Psychology (2023) 

Fan, Lanyue; Cai, Di; Li, Zehua; Xu, Lingxiao; Wen, Shanshan; Li, Fangmin; Guan, Ziqing; Guan, Yanjun. Sustaining newcomers' career adaptability: The roles of socialization tactics, job embeddedness and career variety. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2023) 

Parker, Andrew; Waldstrøm, Christian; Shah, Neha Parikh. The coevolution of emotional job demands and work-based social ties and their effect on performance. Journal of Management (2022) 

Weinstein, Netta; Legate, Nicole; Graham, Les; Zheng, Yuyan; Plater, Marisa; Al-Khouja, Maya; Moller, Arlen C. The Role of Perceived Autonomy-Supportive Communications for Motivating Prejudice Reduction and Avoiding Defiant Backlash Within the Police Force Workplace. Journal of Applied Social Psychology (2023) 

Deng, Hong; Coyle-Shapiro, Jacqueline; Zhu, Yanting; Wu, Chia-huei. Serving the Cause When My Organization Does Not: A Self-affirmation Model of Employees’ Compensatory Responses to Ideological Contract Breach. Personnel Psychology (2023)


Chen, Leni; Huang, Xu; Sun, Jianmin; Zheng, Yuyan; Graham, Les; Jiang, Judy. The Virtue of a Controlling Leadership Style: Authoritarian Leadership, Work Stressors, and Leader Power Distance. Asia Pacific Journal of Management (2022) 

Schyns, Birgit; Lagowska, Urszula; Braun, Susanne. Me, me, me - narcissism and motivation to lead. Journal of Psychology (2022) 

Xu, Haoying Howie; Pan, Jingzhou; Zheng, Xiaotong Janey. The Upside of Playing Favorites. Harvard Business Review (2022) 

Kipfelsberger, Petra; Braun, Susanne; Fladerer, Martin P.; Dragoni, Lisa. Developing authenticity: A quasi-experimental investigation. Personality and Individual Differences (2022)

Schyns, Birgit; Gauglitz, Iris K.; Wisse, Barbara; Schütz, Astrid. How to mitigate destructive leadership – Human resources-practices that mitigate Dark Triad leaders’ destructive tendencies. Overcoming Bad Leadership in Organizations (2022)

Lyu, Yijing; Wu, Chia-Huei; Kwan, Ho Kwong; Lee, Cynthia; Deng, Hong. Why and when job insecurity hinders employees’ taking charge behavior: The role of flexibility and work-based self-esteem. Economic and Industrial Democracy (2022)

Guan, Yanjun; Zhou, Xinyi; Zheng, Yuyan; Wen, Shanshan; Fu, Yue; Hu, Nan; Fu, Anguo; Han, Yue; Wang, Zhimei. Role of Perceived Events in University Graduates' Job Search Self-efficacy and Success. Journal of Vocational Behavior (2022)

Schilling, Jan; Schyns, Birgit; May, Daniel. When your leader just does not make any sense: Conceptualizing inconsistent leadership. Journal of Business Ethics (2022)

Wang, Xiaoyu (Christina); Zheng, Xiaotong (Janey); Guan, Yanjun; Zhao, Shuming. Do High Performers Always Obtain Supervisory Career Mentoring? The Role of Perspective-Taking. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2022)

Jiang, J.; Dong, Y.; Hu, H.; Liu, Q.; Guan, Y. Leaders' response to employee overqualification: An explanation of the curvilinear moderated relationship. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology (2022)

Kakarika, Maria; Biniari, Marina; Guillén, Laura; Mayo, Margarita. Where does the heart lie? A multistage process model of entrepreneurial passion and role identity management. Journal of Organizational Behavior (2022)

Wang, X.; Zheng, X.; Luo, J.; Zhao, S. Are Proactive Employees Proactive Performers? The Moderating Role of Supervisor-Subordinate Marital Status Similarity. The Journal of Social Psychology (2022)