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Our Publications 2017

Our members are highly inter-disciplinary and have been working extensively together in a wide spectrum of scholarly work. 

Yan, H., He, X. & Cheng, B. (2017). Managerial Ties, Market Orientation, and Export Performance: Chinese Firms Experience. Management and Organization Review 13(3): 611-638. 

Li, M., He, X. & Sousa, C.M.P. (2017). A Review of the Empirical Research on Export Channel Selection between 1979 and 2015.. International Business Review 26(2): 303-323. 

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Obeidat, Z.M.I., Xiao, Sarah, Iyer, G.R. & Nicholson, M. (2017). Consumer Revenge Using the Internet and Social Media: An Examination of the Role of Service Failure Types and Cognitive Appraisal Processes.. Psychology & Marketing 34(4): 496-515. 

Li, J., Sutherland, D. & Ning, L (2017). Inward FDI spillovers and innovation capabilities in Chinese business: exploring the moderating role of local industrial externalities.. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 29(8): 932-945. 

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Williams, C., Lukoianova (Vashchilko), T. & Martinez, C. A. (2017). The Moderating Effect of Bilateral Investment Treaty Stringency on the Relationship between Political Instability and Subsidiary Ownership Choice.. International Business Review 26(1): 1-11. 

Williams, C. & van Triest, S. (2017). Product launch performance in hi-tech SMEs: newness to the firm and the role of management controls. . International Journal of Innovation Management 21(3): 1750022. 

Du, J. & Williams, C. (2017). Innovative projects between MNE subsidiaries and local partners in China: Exploring locations and inter-organizational trust.. Journal of International Management 23(1): 16-31. 

Williams, C., Colovic, A. & Zhu, J. (2017). Integration-responsiveness, local hires and subsidiary performance amidst turbulence: Insights from a survey of Chinese subsidiaries.. Journal of World Business 52(6): 842-853. 

Tseng, T., Huang, H. & Setiawan, A. (2017). How Do Motivations for Commitment in Online Brand Communities Evolve? The Distinction Between Knowledge- and Entertainment-Seeking Motivations.. Computers in Human Behavior 

Lengler, J., Mohsin, A. & Mello-Moyano, C. (2017). Travel intention of Brazilian Students: Are they ready to discover new places and things?. Tourism Analysis 22(4): 483-496. 

Geary, J., Aguzzoli, R. & Lengler, J. (2017). The Transfer of ‘International Best Practice’ in a Brazilian MNC: A Consideration of the Convergence and Contingency Perspectives. . Journal of International Management 23(2): 194-207. 

Mohsin, A., Lengler, J. & Chaya, P. (2017). Does travel interest mediate between motives and intention to travel? A case of young Asian travellers.. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Management 31: 36-44. 

Huertas-García, R., Lengler, J. & Consolación-Segura, C. (2017). Co-branding Strategy in Cause-related Advertising: The Fit between Brand and Cause. . Journal of Product & Brand Management 26(2): 135-150. 

Kele, A., Mohsin, A. & Lengler, J. (2017). How willing/unwilling are luxury hotels' staff to be empowered? A case of East Malaysia.. Tourism Management Perspectives 22: 44-53. 

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Chan, T. K. H., Cheung, C. M. K. & Lee, Z. W. Y. (2017). The State of Online Impulse-Buying Research: A Literature Analysis.. Information & Management 54(2): 204-217. 

Filieri, R. & Lin, Z. (2017). The role of aesthetic, cultural, utilitarian and branding factors in young Chinese consumers' repurchase intention of smartphone brands.. Computers in Human Behavior 67: 139-150. 

Lin, Z., Chen, Y. & Filieri, R. (2017). Resident-tourist value co-creation: The role of residents’ perceived tourism impacts and life satisfaction.. Tourism Management 61: 436-442. 

Urbano, D., Aparicio, S., Guerrero, M., Noguera, M. & Torrent-Sellens, J. (2017). Institutional determinants of student employer entrepreneurs at Catalan universities.. Technological Forecasting and Social Change 123: 271-282.