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Our Publications 2018

Our members are highly inter-disciplinary and have been working extensively together in a wide spectrum of scholarly work. 

He, X., Brouthers, K.D. & Filatotchev, I. (2018). Market Orientation and Export Performance: The Moderation of Channel and Institutional Distance.. International Marketing Review 35(2): 258-279. 

Kang, Y. & He, X. (2018). Institutional Forces and Environment Management Strategy: Moderating Effects of Environmental Orientation and Innovation Capability.. Management and Organization Review 14(3): 577-605. 

Obeidat, Z. M., Xiao, S. H., al Qasem, Z., al dweeri, R. & Obeidat, A. (2018). Social media revenge: A typology of online consumer revenge. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services 24: 239-255. 

Williams, C. & Allard, G. (2018). University – Industry Collaboration in R&D: The Role of Labor Market Rigidity. R&D Management 48(4): 410-421. 

Williams, C. & Vrabie, A. (2018). Host Country R&D Determinants of MNE Entry Strategy: A Study of Ownership in the Automobile Industry.. Research Policy 47(2): 474-486. 

Marques, C., Mohsin, A. & Lengler, J. (2018). A Multinational Comparative Study Highlighting Students' Travel Motivations and Touristic Trends.. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management 10: 87-100. 

Marques, C. Mohsin, A. & Lengler, J. (2018). A Multinational Comparative Study Highlighting Students’ Travel Motivations and Touristic Trends. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management 

Lee, Z. W. Y., Chan, T. K. H., Balaji, M. S. & Chong, A. Y-L. (2018). Why People Participate in the Sharing Economy: An Empirical Investigation of Uber. Internet Research 28(3): 829-850. 

Venkatraman, S., Cheung, C., Lee, Z., Davis, F. & Venkatesh, V. (2018). The “Darth” Side of Technology Use: An Inductively Derived Typology of Cyberdeviance. Journal of Management Information Systems 35(4): 1060-1091 

Raza, A., Muffatto, M. & Saeed, S. (2018). Cross-country Differences in Innovative Entrepreneurial Activity: An Entrepreneurial Cognitive View . Management Decision 

Engelen, A., Weinekotter, L., Saeed, S. & Enke, S. (2018). The Effect of Corporate Support Programs on Employees’ Innovative Behavior: A Cross-Cultural Study. Journal of Product Innovation Management 35(2): 230-253. 

Sutherland, D., Warwick, P., Anderson, J. & Learmonth, M. (2018). How do Quality of Teaching, Assessment and Feedback Drive Undergraduate Course Satisfaction in U.K. Business Schools? A Comparative Analysis with Non-Business School Courses using the U.K. National Student Survey. Journal of Management Education 42(5): 618-649. 

Sutheland, D., Anderson, J. & Hertenstein, P. (2018). Is the Strategic Asset Seeking Investment Proclivity of Chinese MNEs Different to that of Developed Market MNEs? A Comparative Analysis of Location Choice and Orientation.. Management International Review 58(6): 911-933. 

Wang, D., Sutherland, D., Ning, L., Wang, Y. & Pan, X. (2018). Exploring the influence of political connections and managerial overconfidence on R&D intensity in China's large-scale private sector firms.. Technovation 69: 40-53. 

Yang, C., Huang, J., Lin, Z., Zhang, D., Zhu, Y., Xu, X. & Chen, M. (2018). Evaluating the symbiosis status of tourist towns: The case of Guizhou Province, China. Annals of Tourism Research 72: 109-125. 

Lin, Z. & Vlachos, I. (2018). An advanced analytical framework for improving customer satisfaction: A case of air passengers.. Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review 114: 185-195. 

Shi, X., Lin, Z., Liu, J. & Hui, Y. K. (2018). Consumer loyalty toward smartphone brands: The determining roles of deliberate inertia and cognitive lock-in. Information & Management 55: 866-876. 

Filieri, R., Mcleay, F., Tsui, B. & Lin, Z. (2018). Consumer perceptions of information helpfulness and determinants of purchase intention in online consumer reviews of services. Information & Management 55(8): 956-970. 

Felix, Claudia, Aparicio, Sebastian & Urbano, David (2018). Leadership as a driver of entrepreneurship: an international exploratory study. Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 

Aparicio, S., Urbano, D. & Gómez, D. (2018). Entrepreneurship and regional economic growth in Antioquia: An empirical analysis.. Economics and Business Letters 7(2): 84-92.