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The gender pay gap is a serious issue for us, as it is for the HE sector and society as a whole. We are addressing our gender pay gap through a comprehensive action plan which is reviewed and approved annually. 

We will continue to work to improve the diversity of our workforce to reflect the global university that we are through our recruitment and people management practices. 

Durham's Action Plan

Our action plan includes:  

  • Steps to recruit more women to senior roles, including through improved recruitment materials, more effective use of search committees and targeted advertising, ensuring gender balance (as is practicable) on selection panels and more and better training for chairs and members of recruitment panels.
  • Steps to ensure starting salaries are fair and equitable, through robust internal and external salary benchmarking with an auditable process of offers made. 
  • Better leadership and management training, including the women-only leadership programme Aurora, and effective collaboration with networking groups. 
  • Better working arrangements and equitable pay for atypical staff. 
  • All staff are considered for rewards, offering annual CV checks and monitoring promotions by grade and gender. 
  • Promotion of flexible working, developing a Health & Wellbeing Strategy for staff and reviewing traditionally gendered roles with a view to removing obstacles and encouraging more applications.