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Workload and Staff Wellbeing 

Staff workload

Adjusting to new ways of working has been hugely challenging and we are extremely thankful to our staff for their continued hard work and commitment, which has allowed the University to continue operating successfully during the pandemic.   

We are aware that colleagues are working extremely hard and managers continue to monitor and consider workloads across the University. We also continue to communicate regularly with managers and trade union representatives.  We would always encourage any staff who have concerns about their workload and the effect this might be having on their wellbeing to speak to their line manager in the first instance. 

Staff wellbeing

We recognise the importance of the wellbeing of our workforce and have developed a comprehensive Health and Wellbeing Strategy to ensure we have supportive structures and services in place.   

We continue to invest heavily in recruiting academic and professional staff to the University, with over 170 new academic hires made last year alone. This reflects our drive to ensure staff have manageable workloads that enable them to continue to deliver world class research and education, and support an outstanding wider student experience.