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The University’s Approach to Strike Action and Pay Deductions

The University is are required to set out, in advance, its position on pay deductions in relation to strike action and Action Short of Strike (ASOS). Recognising that the nature and impact of industrial action may change over the course of a dispute, the University position is as follows: 

  • Where strike action is taken by an individual the University will deduct pay on the basis of 1/365th for each day of strike action.  Pay will normally be deducted on the same month as strike action or the next available payroll date (depending on payroll deadlines).   We anticipate that pay deductions for this current round of strike action will be made in the March payroll. 
  • The University does not accept partial performance of duties by any member of staff.  This means that if you take part in strike action and/or ASOS, including refusing to carry out any part of your normal contractual duties, you will be in breach of your contract of employment, and the University is entitled as a consequence to make a deduction to contractual pay of up to 100% for each day of no or partial performance.  

  • The University reserves the right to determine the exact timing and proportion of pay deduction for ASOS, noting also that this may change over time. While the University may not immediately deduct salary for some forms of ASOS, this is without prejudice to the right to change the amount of pay being withheld and we retain the right to withhold up to 100% of salary where ASOS is considered to constitute a breach of contract.   

  •  The University is particularly concerned about the impact on students not being able to access materials related to lectures or classes that will be or have been cancelled as a result of strike action.   To be clear, the University requires that staff mitigate the impact of cancelled teaching, further examples of which are contained in the Mitigations Policy. Materials need to be shared with students by no later than 7 March 2022. If they are not, the University intends to begin withholding pay, starting at a rate of 25%. The withholding of pay will continue until the member of staff makes the material available and informs HR that they are no longer participating in this form of ASOS. The University reserves the right to withhold up to 100% of pay but will inform staff before increasing the amount of pay to be withheld.