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Case Studies

Stopping the spread of malaria

We’ve shaped the World Health Organization’s policy on global mosquito control to tackle the spread of lethal diseases like malaria and dengue fever.
Vctr control

Impactful research in ethically recording testimonies of sexual violence

Research in Anthropology has led to the development of survivor-led guidelines and a graphic novel that are being used by governments and organisations globally to follow ethical practices when recording testimonies of sexual violence.
Sexual violence conflict

Tackling unacceptable work through global policy

Pioneering research by our world-renowned Law School has directly influenced global and domestic legal policy on unacceptable forms of work.
Unacceptable forms of work

How physics is transforming our household cleaning products

Our strategic partnership with Procter and Gamble (P&G) has enabled interdisciplinary research projects across experimental, computational and theoretical physics.

Innovative guidelines for children with harmful sexual behaviour

Ground-breaking research, led by Professor Simon Hackett from our Department of Sociology into children and young people with harmful sexual behaviour has transformed policy and practice in the UK.

Innovative sensing technology enhances driverless car perception

Our Computer Science research is helping to put driverless cars on the road to reality.
Driverless car

Transforming the policy landscape

Leading philosopher of science Professor Nancy Cartwright is influencing change to improve the prediction and evaluation of policy effectiveness through her pioneering research on evidence and causal inference.
Philosophy overview

Advocating for fairer university admissions

Research by our Department of Sociology is helping widen access to Higher Education.
Fair admissions

Highlighting importance of soil health

Soil is a vital, and often overlooked, natural resource, helping to reduce flooding and mitigate climate change.
Soil health

Tackling global childhood obesity with ground-breaking research

Research by Sport and Exercise Sciences has made a positive impact on policy and practice addressing the global problem of childhood obesity.
Childhood obesity

Influencing church debates on same-sex relationships

Prominent theologians from our Department of Theology and Religion are driving the discussion forward on same-sex relationships and equal marriage.
Sexuality and churches

Toolkit supports better learning for disadvantaged pupils

Our highly-rated School of Education has developed a pioneering toolkit to ensure funding for pupils, and especially disadvantaged children, is spent effectively.
Premium toolkit