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Amir Ghasemi

Research Postgraduate - Advanced Materials and Electronic Devices Node

Research Postgraduate - Advanced Materials and Electronic Devices Node in the Department of Engineering


Amir is a PhD student in the Next Generation Materials and Microsystems research group in the engineering department. He has been an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) since 2023. He received his BSc and MSc. in Materials Science and Engineering from Sharif University of Technology (SUT). His master thesis focused on the fabrication and characterization of biopolymer to propose eco-friendly solutions for packaging, the healthcare industry, etc. Besides, during his MSc. program, he conducted collaborative work on the fabrication and characterization of novel smart drug delivery systems. Following his passion for materials science, he joined the engineering department of Durham University in 2020, and he has been working on his PhD project under the supervision of Prof. Dagou Zeze and Dr Mehdi Keshavarz-Hedayati.

Research Project

Amir's PhD research focuses on the design and fabrication of mechanically tunable optical metasurfaces. For the design and optimisation, he is developing a comprehensive machine learning-based algorithm for the forward and inverse design of nanophotonic structures. This model navigates the infinite design space (materials and geometry) to propose the device to achieve on-demand optical properties. The objective of the project is to develop an active metasurface with optical responses across the visible frequencies for various applications like pressure sensors, tunable optical filters, and multi-resonance plasmonic biosensors.


• Best Poster Award, Biophysical Science Institute Town Hall, Durham University, UK, October 2023

• IOP Early Career Researchers Fund | Institute of Physics (IOP), UK, October 2023

• Best Poster Award, Faculty of Science PGR Away Day, UK, September 2023

• Travel Grant for Research Student | The Armourers & Brasiers Gauntlet Trust, UK, August 2023

• Research Student Conference Fund, Institute of Physics (IOP), UK, July 2023

• Best Poster Award, Ustinov College Annual Conference, UK, June 2023

• Travel Grant, Waves in Time-Varying Media Conference, New York, US, March 2023

• Ustinov College Travel Grant, Durham University, UK, March 2023

• Research Grant, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, March 2023

• Best Poster Award, Department of Engineering, UK, March 2023

• Young Scientist Award, Metamaterials Conference 2022, Italy, September 2022

• Best Poster Award, UK Metamaterials Network, UK, August 2022

• Researcher Development Grant, Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, June 2022

• Student Art Prize of Durham University, UK, February 2022

• ONR and NFS Student Grant of 15th International Congress on Artificial Materials, USA, August 2021

• Durham Doctoral Scholarship, Durham University, October 2020

• Membership of Iran’s National Elites Foundation• 4th top student in M.Sc. degree among 26 students, Class of 2014

• Awarded for the excellent organization of the "Advanced Polymer Compounds Conference" by the director of the conference

• Ranked among the top 1 percent in the National University Entrance Exam, competing with more than 400,000 participants, Iran


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