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Amy Hunt

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node in the Department of Engineering


After numerous years working abroad in the aerospace and technology industry, Amy gained her undergraduate degree from the University of Herfordshire, majoring in aerospace engineering and management. She then progressed onto Keele University where she completed her masters in biomedical engineering. During her MSc, she discovered an interest for medical devices, cardiovascular engineering, and applications of fluid mechanics to the human body and specialised in these areas during her thesis. Not only did this work help her graduate with a distinction, it was also highly commended by fellow researchers at various other institutes and was presented at a biomechanical conference. She then made the decide to pursue a doctoral degree centering around those specialist topics, which she is completing here at Durham under the supervison of Dr. Lian Gan. 

Amy is studying her PhD part time alongside her job as a Medical Device Manager for a private medical company. Outside of all this, she competes and is a qualified coach in various sports including golf, cheerleading and rowing. 

Research Project

Amy, under the supervision of Dr. Lian Gan, is currently investigating flow characteristics within a corrected single ventricular circulation (Fontan), and the mechanical treatment options available for this unique circulation. She is using simulation techniques that replicate the cardiovascular system, as well as phantom systems in the lab to produce circulatory based evidence and results. This information is then utilised to study the effect mechanical support devices have on the Fontan circulation, and will aid in the development of new investigative techniques, mechanical improvements to support devices, and reduce complications associated with this treatment option.