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Associate Professor in the Department of PsychologyRH003+44 (0) 191 33 43272


I am a social and organisational psychologist with business and academic experience. Before beginning my PhD, I worked for Deloitte (consulting). During this period, I worked with a variety of clients from different industries in developing and improving their HR strategies. This experience now informs my research in organisational psychology and consultancy work.

I joined Durham University as an Assistant Professor in Social/ Organisational Psychology in June 2019. Previously, I was a Lecturer in Social and Organisational Psychology and a Research Associate at the University of Kent, and a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Roehampton.

I continue my collaborative work with the University of Kent, where I am currently an Honorary Lecturer and co-supervise 3 PhD students.

Research Interests

My current research focuses on social psychology in the workplace (leadership, diversity, organisational identification, well-being), as well as on other strands of social psychology (prejudice, intergroup prosociality, speciesism). I use quantitative methods by employing a combination of experimental, quasi-experimental, cross-sectional, and longitudinal designs. 

Themes and topics include:

  • Leadership and employee well-being
  • Gender and ethnic bias in leadership selection and evaluation
  • Group reactions to deviant members
  • Prejudice and strategies to promote intergroup prosociality
  • Speciesism and strategies to improve human-animal relations



Chapter in book

  • Dhont, K., Hodson, G., Leite, A.C. & Salmen, A. (2019). The Psychology of Speciesism. In Why We Love and Exploit Animals: Bridging Insights from Academia and Advocacy. Dhont, K. & Hodson, G. Routledge.

Journal Article


  • Van de Vyver, J. & Leite, A.C. (2019). Story-telling and Prejudice: A practical indirect intervention for reducing prejudice against Asylum Seekers and Refugees among adults in the UK.

Supervision students