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Andrew Green

Noble opposition under Charles VII of France (1422-1461)

Noble opposition under Charles VII of France (1422-1461) in the Department of History


My project looks at noble resistance to the Valois monarchy in France during the reign of King Charles VII (1422-1461). This reign began with a series of catastrophes for the Valois, but it is generally characterised as a time of growing French unity and consolidation from c.1429, culminating in victory at the end of the Hundred Years’ War. My research offers an alternative perspective on these years, as it explores how Charles VII faced significant and persistent resistance from noblemen in France, including from ‘English’ vassals, noble leagues, and localised revolts. I have presented findings at conferences including the Late Medieval France and Burgundy Seminar

Research interests

  • Politics and political culture (in France and Europe, 14th-16th centuries)
  • Nobility and chivalry
  • Frontiers, diplomacy, and transnational history