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AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
PhD Student in the Department of Physics144A 
Member of the Centre for Materials Physics  


Oxford University:

MPhys Physics (2012-2016)

Durham University:

Ph.D Candidate (2016-present)

Awards and Prizes

Principal’s Prize, Somerville College, Oxford University (2016)

Gibbs Prize for Performance in MPhys Examinations, Oxford University (2016)

Mary Somerville Prize, Somerville College, Oxford University (2016)

Gibbs Prize for Public Speaking, Oxford University (2014)

Cobbe Scholarship, Somerville College, Oxford University (2013-2016)

Research Interests

Magnetic Susceptibility Measurements of High Temperature Superconductors

Superconductors are used in many high-field applications from MRI scanners to Magnetic Levitation and Fusion Energy. When cooled below a transition temperature, , superconductors can carry a current without any electrical resistance. This allows for the manufacture of superconducting wires which can carry a current several orders of magnitude higher than the best conventional conductors available. The manufacture and sale of superconductors for commercial use is rapidly growing market supported by a multi-billion dollar industry. The growth of this industry in recent years has been facilitated by advancements in the manufacturing and characterisation processes for both the low temperature (Nb3Sn, NbTi) and high temperature (ReBCO) superconductors. My research focuses on the unique magnetic properties of high temperature superconductors and the behaviour of quantised units of magnetic flux (fluxons) within them. Specifically, I am working on a method to use anisotropic magnetic susceptibility measurements of the high temperature superconductors to determine their current carrying capabilities for high field applications.

Research groups

  • Superconductivity