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Mrs Barbara-Anne Robertson

Research Postgraduate


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Research Postgraduate in the Department of Psychology  


I have worked and studied both in the UK and in Canada. I hold a First Class Honours BSc from the University of Prince Edward Island, and an MA in Psychology (Behavioural Neuroscience) from the University of Waterloo. Currently, I am nearing completion of a PhD at Durham University examining the neural underpinnings of episodic memory. 

I hold a certificate in University Teaching (Waterloo), and have held various student support roles throughout my career.

Previously, I worked for Dr. Tom Smulders and Prof Melissa Bateson at the Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University on a DEFRA funding grant exploring the effects of food restriction (stress) on hippocampal neurogenesis in broiler breeder chickens. 

My neuroscientific interests are rooted in understanding brain development, and how pathology can impact behaviour, and the development of affective disorders. I am interested in learning and memory processes, especially how (and where) memories are encoded, stored, and are subsequently re-experienced. 

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Esteem Indicators

  • 2015: EBBS Travel Award: € 500 award to attend EBBS in Verona, Italy
  • 2015: Grindley Grant : £500 awarded by the Experimental Psychology Society (EPS) to attend EBBS in Verona, Italy
  • 2013: International Tutor + PhD studentship: Fully-funded research studentship


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