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Bhakti Khati

Research Postgraduate

Research Postgraduate in the Department of Psychology



I completed my BSC (Hons) International Management degree at University of Warwick in 2021. During my undergraduate, I also attended the Industrial Labour Relations School at Cornell University (2019-2020) for my year abroad. I achieved my MSc Behavioural Science degree at Durham University in 2022. My MSc dissertation, under the supervision of Dr Kutlaca, explored whether people critically engage the ethical concerns of second-hand clothes shopping. During my master’s degree I also trained as a research assistant in Dr McPhetres’ physio lab investigating the physiological and emotional correlates of piloerection (goosebumps). I have continued with my role in the lab alongside my PhD.

My PhD project, supervised by Dr Paolini, Dr Kutlaca and Dr McPhetres, investigates psychological and physiological basis of moral disagreements. I will be investigating the role of appraisals in predicting behavioural outcomes in response to moral conflicts.

Research interests

  • Moral Conflicts and Disagreements
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Sustainability
  • Social Change