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Dr Brandon Hurlbert

Lecturer in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament

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Lecturer in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in the Department of Theology and Religion  



Brandon Hurlbert (Ph.D., Durham University) is a lecturer in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament at Durham University. His doctoral dissertation explored the possibilities of reading the book of Judges as Christian Scripture. He is a research associate at the Centre for the Study of the Bible and Violence and a co-host on the Two Cities Podcast. His other research interests include the Bible and Film and the reception history of the Bible. 

Research interests

  • Book of Judges
  • Deuteronomistic History
  • Violence and the Bible

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Book review

Chapter in book

  • Hurlbert, Brandon (2022). Once Upon a Time in Persia: The Ethics of Violence in the Book of Esther and Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In Map or Compass? The Bible on Violence. Paynter, Helen & Spalione, Michael Sheffield Phoenix Press.
  • Hurlbert, Brandon (2022). Alternate Eyes: Perspective Shifting in the Samson Narrative and Black Mirror. In Black Mirror and Theology. Bowen, Amber & Dunne, John Anthony Lexington Books/Fortress Academic.
  • Hurlbert, Brandon (2022). Taking the Absurdity Seriously: Questioning the Complicity of YHWH in Judges 20-21. In Violent Biblical Texts: New Approaches. Paynter, Helen & Laurence, Trevor Sheffield Phoenix Press.

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