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Mr Bruno Costelini

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Member of the Durham Law School  


Bruno Gabriel Costelini is Global Challenges doctoral student at Durham University, working on a thesis titled "The Tragedy of Common Heritage: Environmental Conservation and the Exploitation of the Deep Seabed", supervised by Dr Henry Jones and Dr Philip Steinberg.

Trained as an Oceanograher (BSc, 2019) in his home country of Brazil, he is also Marine Sciences Library assistant at his alma mater, the Federal University of Parana, where he developed his interest in science communication, history of science, and environmental sciences. His senior monograph, supervised by Dr Paulo da Cunha Lana, and based on a visiting studentship at Cornell and Harvard Universities (2015-16), dealt with the 19th century expeditions of Louis Agassiz.

Research interests

Since then his research interests have expanded to include global ocean governance, political science, anthropological methods, action research, and interdisciplinary pursuits. As a doctoral student he has had the opportunity to serve as an observer at the International Seabed Authority, and at the United Nations Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdictions process.

His most recent endeavour is an international project that looks to investigate the future of humankind in the Anthropocene through an Ocean-centered perspective and a geoethical lens, incorporating his non-academic interests in Art and Literature, particularly seafarers and seabound narratives.