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Dr Charlotte O'Brien

Technical Manager (Palaeoenvironmental)

Technical Manager (Palaeoenvironmental) in the Department of Archaeology+44 (0) 191 33 41113


BA. in Natural Sciences specialising in Botany 1997, Trinity College Dublin

Ph.D in Geography at Coventry University 2001 “Quaternary Vegetation History of the Médoc Region, S.W. France”

Charlotte specialises in the use of plant macrofossils for the reconstruction of palaeoenvironments. Her current research interests include human palaeoecology, particularly in relation to lakes and lake settlements. She is also investigating the climatic and vegetation history of S.W. Ireland over the last 12,000 years.

The Environmental Archaeology service is managed by Dr Charlotte O’Brien. Charlotte has a doctorate in palaeoecology and 15 years’ experience in the analysis of plant remains. She is proficient in environmental sampling strategies and has analysed palaeo- and archaeobotanical remains from sites in the UK and abroad. Particular skills include plant macrofossil analysis, pollen analysis, wood and charcoal identification and vegetation surveying. 


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