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Miss Costanza Concetti

Research Postgraduate (PhD)

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Research Postgraduate (PhD) in the Department of GeographyIHRR 246 
PhD Fellow in the Durham Energy Institute  


ESRC-funded PhD candidate in the Department of Geography and PhD Fellow at the Durham Energy Institute. Prior to joining Durham University, I received a BSc in Science, Technology and International Affairs from Georgetown University, in the USA. I also hold a MA in Research Methods from Durham University, which was sponsored through 1+3 ESRC funding.

Current Research Project

For my current project, Scaling Down Power: Contested Geographies of Electricity Prosumption, I am exploring how experiments in decentralised electricity provision and distribution in two Italian regions may be challenging state-region relationships and co-producing imaginaries of local autonomy.

The project builds on energy transitions literature highlighting the material politics of energy infrastructure and questions whether instances of collectively organized electricity prosumption—consumers producing their own electricity—may be discontinuing some of the socio-material structures onto which the Italian nation state was built and its centralisation of power was consolidated.

The research focuses on Italy because of the country's hybrid regionalism and significant share of decentralised electricity generation and distribution.

Research interests

  • Geographies of Energy
  • Political Ecology
  • Material Politics