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Professor Douglas Halliday


BSc, PhD, FInstP, CPhys, SFHEA, FEI

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Professor of Centre for Materials Physics153+44 (0) 191 33 43571
Director in the Durham Energy Institute  


University Responsibilities

Director of the Durham University Global Challenge Centre for Doctoral Training (2019-)

Director of the Multidisciplinary Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy (2010-)

Dean of the Graduate School (2005-2010)

Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Science (2002-2005)

Director of Postgraduate Training of the Faculty of Science (2000-2002)

College Mentor at St Aidan's College

Responsibilities within Physics Department

Chairman of the Board of Examiners in Physics

Teaching activity

Level 3 Team Projects

Supervising Level 4 projects

Postgraduate Lecture Course in Condensed Matter Physics

Postgraduate Lectures on MSc Sustainability, Energy and Development

Other Activities

Higher Education Reviewer for Quality Assurance Agency

Chair of UK Council for Graduate Education Executive Committee (ends July 2021)

Chair of the European Universities Association Energy and Envionment Platform

External Examiner Imperial College

Research Interests

Advanced spectroscopic studies of quantum and novel behaviour in electronic materials and devices. The aim of my work is elucidate the fundamental physical mechanisms which underlie the operation of electronic devices, leading to improvements in device operation. This is achieved through innovative, state of the art materials characterisation and optical spectroscopy facilities.

At present the main areas of my work are:

  1. Novel solar energy materials for thin film photovoltaic solar cell structures, novel quantum solar cell structures and sustainable materials for photovoltaic applications (Dr Hindmarch, Dr Mendis, Dr Szablewski)
  2. Rare earth doped Chevrel phase and metallic superconductors, noble metal films and nanostructures (Professor Hampshire)
  3. Vapour grown bulk II-VI crystals
  4. Polymer-Semiconductor organic-inorganic heterostructures (Professor Pettty, Dr Mendis, Dr Groves and Dr Szablewski)

(Please see CMP research group web pages for further details

Research groups

Awarded Grants

  • 2017: NECEM(£237826.73 from Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council)

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Condensed Matter Physics: Solar Cells
  • Renewable energy: Renewable Energy
  • Condensed Matter Physics: Semiconductors
  • Condensed Matter Physics: Optical Spectroscopy


Chapter in book

  • M. Emziane, K. Durose & D.P. Halliday (2006). On the origin of impurities in the window layers of CdTe/CdS solar cells. In Functional Properties of Nanostructured Materials. Kassing, R., Petkov, P., Kulisch, W. & Popov, C. Springer. 223: 257-260.
  • M. Emziane, K. Durose, D.P. Halliday, A. Bosio & N. Romeo (2005). Does CdTe deposition affect the impurity profile in sputtered CdS window layers? In Thin-Film Compound Semiconductor Photovoltaics. W. Gessert, T. Niki, S. Siebentritt & S. Shafarman 865: 411-416.
  • Sitch CD, Halliday DP & Monkman AP (2002). Steady State Photoconductivity In Conjugated Polymers. In Electronic, Optical and Optoelectronic Polymers and Oligomers. Jabbour, Ghassan E. & Sariciftci, Niyazi Serdar WARRENDALE: MATERIALS RESEARCH SOCIETY. 665: 327-331.
  • D.P. Halliday, M.D.G. Potter, D.S. Boyle & K. Durose (2002). Photoluminescence characrerisation of ion implanted CdTe. In Compound Semiconductor Photovoltaic Materials: 2001 MRS Spring Meeting - Symposium H – II-IV. R. Birkmire, Noufi, R., Lincot, D. & Schock, H.W. Cambridge University Press. 668: H1.8.1 - H1.8.6.
  • Ulrici, W., Eaves, L., Friedland, K., Halliday, D.P., Kreissl, J. & Ulrici, B. (1986). Optical, electrical and EPR studies of GaAs:Ni. In Defects in Semiconductors 14. Proceedings of the 14th International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors (ICDS-14), Paris, France, 1986. von Bardeleben, H.J. Pfaffikon, Switzerland: Trans Tech Publications. 10-12: 669-674.

Conference Paper

Conference Proceeding

  • M.D.G. Potter, D.P. Halliday & M.A. Cousins (2000). Analysis of CdCl2 annealing process in CdTe/CdS solar cells. 16th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Glasgow, Scotland, James and James.

Journal Article

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