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Dr David Kerr

MA, MPhil, MSc, PhD (Glasgow)

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Member of the Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies 


Biography and Research Specialism

David Kerr was Lecturer in the International Relations of China, 2002-2017. He joined Durham University in 2002 after studying and teaching at the University of Glasgow. He is a Research Associate of Durham University's Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies and was Director of the Centre 2008-13.

David Kerr specialises in three areas: the foreign relations of the People's Republic of China and the Russian Federation; the security politics of Asia; and international relations between China and the European Union. In 2009-10 he was specialist adviser to the UK House of Lords inquiry into EU-China relations; inquiry report here. Google Scholar here.

Research Supervision

Successful Defences:
D. Amaraegbu (Nigeria) 'Corruption strategies in West Africa'; G. Filis (Greece) 'Geopolitics of the Caucasus'; C. Wu (PRC) 'China's Economic Statecraft'; A. Aborhmah (Saudi Arabia) 'The Saudi-China Strategic Partnership'; R. Bouveng (Sweden) 'Messianism in Russian Foreign Policy'; M.T.Khan (Pakistan) 'Missile Regime for South Asia'; Y. Yu (PRC) 'Political Contestation in China'; N. Al-Tamimi (Palestine) 'China's Oil Strategy and the Partnership with Saudi Arabia'; S.Fergus (UK) 'US foreign policy pluralism and China'; M. Drake (USA) 'China's entrepreneurs and democratic change'; H. Wu (Taiwan) 'Confucian Cultures and East Asian Democracy'; Y. Xu (PRC) 'China and International Responsibility in Africa'; P. Powcharoen (Thailand) 'North Korea and Rational Deterrence'; M. Sunuodula (UK) 'Multilingual education policy in Xinjiang'; S. Chen (PRC) 'Trust and mistrust in China-Japan relations'; R. Contreras Luna (Mexico) 'Siberia and the Asian Century'; S. Uslu (Turkey) 'Turkey's Energy Relations with Africa'; G. Charles (UK) 'Acculturation of Hui populations in Qinghai'; Y. Kim (ROK) 'China's Public Diplomacy and Africa'.

Research interests

  • Security and Diplomacy of China and the Russian Federation
  • Strategic Asia
  • Europe-China relations


Book review

Chapter in book

Edited book

  • Kerr, David (2015). China's Many Dreams: comparative perspectives on China's search for national rejuvenation. The Nottingham China Policy Institute Series. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • David Kerr & Liu Fei (2007). The International Politics of EU-China Relations. British Academy Occasional Papers. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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