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Diana Martinez Trejo

Research Postgraduate – Electrical Power Node

Research Postgraduate – Electrical Power Node in the Department of Engineering


Current Research

Designing a Peer-to-Peer energy trading mechanism, considering some of the physical constraints on the distribution network. The objective of the model is to enable all participants to partake in the trading of energy, focusing on participants' welfare. Our work is tested on a radial low-voltage distribution network under a decentralized scheme in smart grids. The main contribution is to promote cooperative behaviour among participants while considering the costs produced by energy distribution.


Currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering at the Department of Engineering, Durham University. Doing research in Peer-to-Peer Energy trading and Blockchain, focusing on smart grids on the Distribution level.

Received my Master's degree at Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Mexico city). The objective was to design an SoC capable of handling system exceptions presented by peripheral or itself, so the operative system, in this case, LINUX, could be able to call routines of ISR that corresponds to the type of problem that occurred. Visiting researcher to University of California, Irvine in 2015.

As a member of the IEEE, I have collaborated with the Operating Committee of IEEE Smart Village (ISV).


Design and Implement new Architectures to simplify computational algorithms on Energy applications.

Research interests

  • Computer Architecture
  • Renewable Energies - P2P Energy Trading
  • DLTs - Blockchain