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Dr Dimitrios Kivotidis

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Member of the Durham Law School  


Dr. Dimitrios Kivotidis joined Durham Law School as Lecturer in Constitutional Law in 2022. Dr. Kivotidis previously worked as Lecturer in Public Law at the University of East London, the Bristol Law School, as well as at Birkbeck Law School, where he successfully defended his PhD thesis in 2017.



2021 - Dictatorship: New Trajectories in Law (Routledge)

2018 - D. Kivotidis, The form and content of Public law: from Political Theology to political economy (in Greek), (Sakkoulas Publications, 2018);

Referred Journal Articles:

2020 - ‘Break or Continuity? Friedrich Engels and the Critique of Digital Surveillance’, tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique, 19(1), 97-112.

2019 - ‘Theses on the Relationship between Rights and Social Struggle’, Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 70 (4), 407-423.

2018 - ‘The form and content of the Greek crisis legislation’, Law and Critique, 29 (1), 59-81.

2017 -The Pharmakon of Democracy: General will and the people in the context of the Greek referendum’, Social and Legal Studies, 27 (6), 755-775.

Book chapters:

2023 - ‘Public Interest of Social Need? Reflections of the Pandemic, Technology and the Law’, in Carl Stychin (ed.), Law, Humanities and the Covid Crisis, (University of London Press, 2022).

2021 – ‘Principles for a Marxist analysis of Law and the State’, in Paul O’Connell, Umut Özsu (eds.), Handbook on Law and Marxism, (Edward Elgar, 2021).

2021 – ‘Law of Necessity and Social Needs’, in Alexis Benos and Elias Kondilis (eds.), Covid19: Current Threats to Public Health and Socioeconomic Implications, (Topos, 2021);

2020 – ‘Norm and Exception: From the Weimar Republic to the Nazi State Form’, in Cosmin Cercel, Simon Lavis, Gian-Giacomo Fusco (eds.), States of Exception: Law, History, Theory, (Routledge, 2020).


COVID-19 and Intellectual Property Rights (patents) of Drugs, Vaccines and Tests, (published by the Centre for Research & Education in Public Health, Health Policy & Primary Health Care’ (, February 2021).


Research interests

His research interests lie in the areas of Public Law, Human Rights, Law and Social Change, Critical Legal Theory, and Marxist Critiques of Law. In his work he examines legal and political processes and institutions in their political and socio-economic context. He has published on the topics of constitutional theory, the relationship between EU law and national constitutional law, legislation in times of crisis and is very interested in exploring the relationship between law and political economy. Lately he has focused his research on the idea of socialist constitutionalism and is pursuing a monograph as well as an edited volume on the topic. He is interested in supervising research in any of the above topics and issues.