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Mr Douglas John Laidlaw

M.Sc., B.Sc.

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Member of the Department of Physicsocw013+44 (0) 191 33 45373
Member of the Centre for Advanced Instrumentation  

Research interests

  • Adaptive optics
  • Optical turbulence profiling
  • Wind velocity profiling
  • Tomographic reconstruction
  • Atmospheric modelling
  • Advanced instrumentation

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Physics:
  • Advanced Instrumentation:
  • Astronomy and Astrophysics:


Conference Paper

  • Vidal, Fabrice, Townson, Matthew J., Reeves, Andrew P., Osborn, James, Myers, Richard M., Morris, Timothy J., Laidlaw, Douglas J., Hubert, Zoltan, Geng, Deli, Gach, Jean-Luc, Chemla, Fanny, Centrone, Mauro, Buey, Jean-Tristan M., Bonaccini Calia, Domenico, Basden, Alastair G., Gratadour, Damien, Rousset, Gerard, Gendron, Eric & Bardou, Lisa (Published), Error breakdown of ELT-elongated LGS wavefront-sensing using CANARY on-sky measurements, Adaptive Optics Systems VI. 70.
  • Vidal, Fabrice, Townson, Matthew J., Sevin, Arnaud, Rousset, Gerard, Reeves, Andrew P., Osborn, James, Myers, Richard M., Morris, Timothy J., Lombardi, Gianluca, Laidlaw, Douglas J., Hubert, Zoltan, Geng, Deli, Gendron, Eric, Gach, Jean-Luc, Bonaccini Calia, Domenico, Chemla, Fanny, Centrone, Mauro, Castro-Almazan, Julio A., Buey, Jean-Tristan M., Bardou, Lisa & Basden, Alastair G. (2018), Closed loop operation with extremely elongated LGS spots in CANARY Phase D, Adaptive Optics Systems VI. 78.
  • Derie, Frederic, Sarazin, Marc, Milli, Julien, Navarrete, Julio, Haubois, Xavier, Chacon-Oelckers, Arlette, Le Louarn, Miska, Morris, Timothy J., Townson, Matthew J., Laidlaw, Douglas J., Butterley, Timothy, Wilson, Richard W., Osborn, James & Farley, Ollie (2018), Representative atmospheric turbulence profiles for ESO Paranal, Adaptive Optics Systems VI. 87.
  • Laidlaw, Douglas J., Osborn, James, Wilson, Richard W., Morris, Timothy J., Butterley, Timothy, Reeves, Andrew P., Townson, Matthew J., Gendron, Éric, Vidal, Fabrice & Morel, Carine (2016), Turbulence profiling for adaptive optics tomographic reconstructors, in Marchetti, Enrico, Close, Laird M. & Véran, Jean-Pierre eds, International Society for Optics and Photonics, 99093I.

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