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Miss Emine Gurbuz

Research Postgraduate

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Research Postgraduate in the Department of Psychology  


Research Area

After completing my Master’s degree in Developmental Psychopathology at Leiden University (2015) and working as a Research Assistant in the same department for a year, I have started my PhD at Durham University in October, 2016. I am currently working on social vulnerabilities of higher-education students with and without Autism (ASD).

My research focuses on the role of social information processing and social motivation in understanding the core social deficits associated with high functioning ASD. Currently, I am investigating social and academic experiences of university students and later in my PhD I will be focusing at behavioural and physiological indicators of social information processing and social motivation in ASD. In my project, I use both explicit and implicit measures including questionnaires, eye tracking and psychophysiology and I aim to develop ecologically valid paradigms in order to represent the social difficulties that individuals with high-functioning ASD experience in their everyday life. Insight into the nature of social deficits and key challenges of students with ASD can provide knowledge about the target of effective intervention at both individual and institutional level.

My research is funded by Durham Doctoral Studentship (DDS). 

Research interests

  • Social Motivation & Social Attention
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder