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Esmaeel Masoudi

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node in the Department of Engineering


Esmaeel is a PhD candidate in fluid mechanic group in engineering department. He has received his BSc and MSc from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran polytechnic) Tehran, Iran. His BSc project was numerical simulation of wedge water entry on still water to study slamming on light marine vehicles. His MSc project focused on diffraction waves and transmision and reflection coefficents of floating breakwaters with different cross section and configurations. Afterwards, he worked in industry for five years in various fields including ship plan approval survey, ship energy efficiency, international and class rules and regulations for ship design, construction and operation and lecturing in these fields. He was awarded with doctroral scholorship from Durham university in the field of mechanical enginnering since 2019, and he has been working under supervision of Prof. David Sims-Williams and Dr. Lian Gan since then.

Research interest

Esmaeel is working on large eddy simulation (LES) to analyse turblence and study flow bahaviour around cylinders. He also is working on studying ayrodynamics of bluff bodies using experimental methods including wind tunnel facilities. His research is mostly focused on fluid flow bahaviour past polygonal cylinders, vortex shedding and shear layer charactristics. The purpose of these studies is having a better undrestanding of flow physical bahaviour in phenomena such as vortex induded vibration (VIV) in order to find possible ways of harvesting green energy from it. 


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