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Dr Esther Meijer

Teaching Fellow

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Teaching Fellow in the Department of Classics and Ancient History  


I am a Teaching Fellow in Classics at our Department. At the moment, I primarily teach on our Latin courses (esp. Intermediate Latin and Higher Latin) and on the first year module Monuments & Memory in the Age of Augustus.

I recently obtained my PhD in Latin Literature at this university. My AHRC-funded PhD thesis (‘All Roads Lead to Home: Navigating Self and Empire in Early Imperial Latin Poetry’, 2021) examined how generic heterogeneity in the works of early imperial Latin poets functioned as a way of contemplating and constructing imperial power and expressing increasingly complex conceptualisations of Romanness.

Prior to my time in Durham, I completed my BA in Classics at VU University Amsterdam (2012). I also hold an MA (research) in Classics and Ancient Civilizations from VU University Amsterdam and UVA University Amsterdam (2015). During my studies, I was actively involved with the departments of Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology both as a staff assistant and as a student member of the Graduate and Undergraduate Education Committees. Before starting my PhD in October 2016, I briefly trained as a Classics teacher in a Dutch high school and worked in after-school tutoring.

  • Meijer, E. (2021) ‘Justifying Civil War: Interactions between Caesar and the Italian Landscape in Lucan’s Rubicon Passage (BC 1.183–235)’, in Mackie, M., Makins, M. W. and Reitz-Joosse, B. L. (2021) Landscapes of War in Greek and Roman Literature. London: Bloomsbury Academic.
  • Heerink, M. A. J. and Meijer, E. (eds.) (forthc.) Flavian Responses to Nero’s Rome. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. [OPEN ACCESS]
Select Grants

2016: AHRC Northern Bridge Doctoral Training Partnership Scholarship covering tuition fees and full maintenance for three years and six months.

2017: Anita Milne Scholarship, Trevelyan College, Durham University

2018: Research Student Achievement Award for Exceptional Progress, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Durham University

2020: Posgraduate and Early Career Interdisciplinary Conference Funding Award, Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University

Archive Work

From June to November 2019, I worked as a collections assistant at Seven Stories: the national centre for children's books in Newcastle (UK). I researched, listed, and catalogued specified archive collections. I also carried out day-to-day tasks, such as supporting the user enquiry service and facilitating researcher visits. Additionally, I supported specific activities such as exhibition installations and learning & engagement events.

Talks and Papers

Invited Talks

  • 2022: 'hic est deus: Domitian and Euhemerism in Flavian Poetry' - God on Earth: Emperor Domitian, 20-22 January 2022, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, Leiden.
  • 2019: 'Alter Alexander? Domitian and the East in Statius, Silvae 4.1 and 4.3' - Domitian and the East, Flavian Research Network, Spetses, Greece, 30 June - 2 July 2019.

Select Conference Papers

  • 'Io's Wanderings through Roman Poetry as Explorations of Egypt' - Vision of Egypt in Imperial Latin Literature, panel at the Classical Association Conference 2022 (forthc.), Swansea, UK.
  • 'Epic(urean) Homecomings in the Bay of Naples: Statius' and Virgil's Literary Identities in Statius, Silvae 2.2' - Symposium Cumanum: Generic Interplay in and after Vergil, Cuma, Italy, 23-26 June 2020. (accepted, withdrawn due to COVID-19)
  • 'Constructing a Road to Eternity: The Via Domitiana as Imperial Propaganda (Stat. Silv. 4.3)' - Workshop on Art and Rhetoric in Roman Literature at the Norwegian Institute in Rome, 1-3 October 2018.
  • 'Natura melior potentiorque: Reassessing Domitian in Statius Silv. 4.3' - Un-damning Domitian: Reassessing the Last Flavian princeps, panel at the Celtic Conference in Classics 2018, St Andrews.
  • 'Remembering Civil War: Interactions between Caesar and the Italian Landscape in Lucan's Rubicon Passage (BC 1.183-235) - Landscapes of War, panel at the Celtic Conference in Classics 2017, Montréal.
Workshop Participation
  • Digital Tourism in the Heritage Sector, a workshop in collaboration with Newcastle University, the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, and the Dutch National Museum of Antiquity, 5-6 March 2020.
  • Democratising Infrastructures, a workshop organised by the Department of Geography at Durham University, 23-24 January 2020.
  • Environmental Humanities and Democracy Workshop, a Northern Bridge Cohort Training Event in Northern Ireland, 13-16 August 2018.
  • Latin Lexicography Workshop at the Thesaurus linguae Latinae Institute in Munich, 30 July - 3 August 2018. 
  • Challenging Eternity: World Heritage, Urbanistic Interventions and the City of Rome, an international graduate course organized by the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, 19- 29 March 2018. 
Conference Organisation
  • 2020 (postponed due to COVID): Organiser of the international PhD & ECR workshop Landscape and Identity: Interdisciplinary Explorations of Being in the World, 26-27 March 2020, Durham University. 
  • 2019: Organiser of the international PhD & ECR conference 'Becoming' and the Roman World, 11-12 September 2019, Durham University.
  • 2016: Organisation team of the international conference Flavian Responses to Nero's Rome, 20-22 January 2016, UVA University of Amsterdam.
  • 2014: Organisation team of the 3rd International Landscape Archaeology Conference, 17-20 September 2014, Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome (KNIR) and the Swedish Institute in Rome (SIR).
  • 2013-2014: Organiser of biannual Masterclasses in Classics, Ancient History, and Archaeology for high school students, VU University Amsterdam.