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Francisco Emir Aguerrebere Gonzalez

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node

Research Postgraduate – Fluid Mechanics Node in the Department of Engineering


Emir Aguerrebere is a third year Mechanical Engineering PhD reseracher focused on Cooling of Solar Panels.

Emir graduated from Instituto Tecnologico de Culiacan in 2017 of B Eng in Mechatronics (Robotics and Automation). His thesis project to achieve his engineering degree was called "Robotic Arm to Improve the Cutting Quality and Operator's Safety" which focused in the design, manufacture and instalation of a robotic arm implement for a cutting machine. In his last year of the degree, he got accepted in a 2 months program in Spain to design a domestic wind turbine. After one year as mechanical designer and two years working as project manager in the automotive industry, Emir was awarded by the Mexican Goverment via Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia (CONACyT) with a scholarship to complete a PhD program in Renewable Energy.


Emir has worked on two areas of research at Durham University: vertical axis wind turbines design and convection of solar panels.

For the first year of studies, Emir worked in the mechanical design of a wind turbine. His contribution was to check and improve the mechanical design of a 1KW vertical axis wind turbine. The turbine was manufactured and assembled mechanically. 

For his second year, and ongoing, Emir started to work with the passive cooling of solar panels. CFD simulations have been conducted to study the convection on solar panels under different conditions to propose a mechanical improvement of the leading edge of the panel and the layout of a solar array. Emir's research has focused on improve the energy production on solar panels, by reducing the temperature and improving the thermal efficiency. 

Research interests

  • CFD
  • Mechanical Design
  • Renewable Energy