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Professor Geoffrey Scarre

Emeritus Professor


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Emeritus Professor in the Department of Philosophy  
Member of the Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies  


I am a partly-retired Professor at Durham Philosophy Department where I specialise in a broad range of issues concerning moral philosophy. I have an abiding interest in utilitarianism and the philosophy of John Stuart Mill and have also written on the subject of death which I considered from both an historical point of view and across a broad spectrum of different thinkers. 

My most recent research has focussed on the notion of courage and also on the ethics of archaeology. As such, I have founded and am the Co-Director of the Durham University Centre for the Ethics of Cultural Heritage. This is an inter-disciplinary body of academics from Durham - predominantly from Philosophy and Archaeology - aiming to develop rigorous and systematic analysis of the ethically complex and, at times, politically charged, issue of cultural heritage.

Research interests

  • Moral responsibility
  • Utilitarianism
  • Death
  • Forgiveness
  • Evil
  • John Stuart Mill
  • Ethics of Archaeology


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