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Dr Gordon MacLeod

Associate Professor (Reader)

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Associate Professor (Reader) in the Department of Geography221+44 (0) 191 33 41915
Associate Professor (Reader) , Politics-State-Space221+44 (0) 191 33 41915
Associate Professor (Reader) / Cluster Convenor , Urban Worlds221+44 (0) 191 33 41915

Research Projects

  • Community Learning and Research Network (CLARN)
  • Connecting Localism and Community Empowerment
  • Health Inequalities in an Age of Austerity, Leverhulme Trust Research Leadership Grant, £1 million (2013-2018)
  • Reframing Citizen Relationships with the Public Sector in a Time of Austerity: Community Empowerment in England and Scotland

Awarded Grants

  • 2010: Young people, social capital, and community revitalization: The role of social enterprise (CASE Award)(£6000.00 from ETEC Sunderland)
  • 2008: TOWARDS A NEW URBANISM IN BRITAIN(£4935.00 from The British Academy)
  • 2000: REDEFINING 'PUBLIC SPACE' IN URBAN BRITAIN(£3315.00 from The Leverhulme Trust)


Authored book

  • Brenner, N., Jessop, B., Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. (2002). State/space: A Reader. Blackwell.

Chapter in book

  • MacLeod, D.G. (2014). Walling the City. In Cities and Social Change: Encounters with Contemporary Urbanism. McCann, E. & Paddison, R. London, UK: Sage. 130-147.
  • Johnstone, C. & MacLeod, D.G. (2007). New Labour's 'broken' neighbourhoods: liveability, disorder, and discipline? In Securing an Urban Renaissance. Crime, community and British urban policy. Atkinson, R. & Helms, G. Bristol.: The Policy Press. 75-90.
  • MacLeod, G. & Jones, M. (2006). Mapping the geographies of UK devolution. In Territory, Identity and Spatial Planning. Tewdwr-Jones, M. & Allmendinger, P. New York and London.: Routledge. 333-352.
  • Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. (2005). Regional spaces, spaces of regionalism: territory, insurgent politics and the English question. In Regionalism contested: Institution, society and governance. Sagan & Halkier, H. 93-112.
  • Brenner, N., Jessop, B., Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. (2002). Introduction: State space in question. In State/Space: A Reader. Brenner, N., Jessop, B., Jones, M. & MacLeod, G. Blackwell.
  • MacLeod, G. (2002). Regional tensions: constructing institutional cohesion. In City of Revolution: Restructuring Manchester. Peck, J. & Ward, K. Manchester University Press. 176-189.
  • MacLeod, G. (2001). Globalizing Parisian thought-waves: recent advances in the study of social regulation, disclosure, politics and space. In The Regulation Approach: An Anthology. Jessop, B. Edward Elgar. 533-553.
  • MacLeod, G. (2001). Identity, hybridity and the institutionalization of territory: On the geohistory of Celtic devolution. In Celtic Geographies: Landscape, Identity, Culture. Harvey, D., Jones, R., McInroy, N. & Milligan, C. Routledge. 53-68.

Journal Article

Other (Print)

  • Painter, J., Orton, A., MacLeod, D.G., Dominelli, L. & Pande, R. (2011). Connecting localism and community empowerment: research review and critical synthesis for the AHRC Connected Community Programme.


  • MacLeod, G. (2004). Privatizing the City? The tentative push towards edge urban developments and gated communities in the United Kingdom. Revised report.
  • MacLeod, G. (2003). Privatizing the City? The Tentative push towards edge urban developments and gated communities in the United Kingdom.

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