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Grace Stephenson

British Newsreels at War, 1939-1945

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British Newsreels at War, 1939-1945 in the Department of History  


British Newsreels at War, 1939-1945.
Conference Papers

Conference Papers - 2019


Paper: "Newsreel commentary during World War 2: How the conflict was presented to wartime cinema audiences in Britain". Postgraduate Forum Annual Conference – Newcastle University.


Paper: "War Reportage and the Civilian Experience of War: A Case Study of the British Newsreels of The Second World War". Second World War Research Group Annual Conference – Wolverhampton University.


Paper: "The Specialist News-Theatre as a Site of ‘Social and Cultural Exchange’ : A Case Study of the Pilgrim Street ‘News Theatre’ in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1937-1968". History of Moviegoing Exhibition and Reception Network Annual Conference – University of Nassau, Bahamas.


Paper: "Footage without Context: The Case of the British Newsreels of World War 2". Centre for Visual Arts and Cultures - Visual Intersections IV – Durham University.


Paper: "Newsreel production during World War 2: Power relationships and censorship." The International Association for Media and History International Conference: Power and the Media – Northumbria University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


Previous Conference Papers:

'Second World War Newsreel Production in Britain: A Case Study of the "Atlantic Newsreel".' Durham-PKU-Tsinghua Postgraduate Colloquium 2018. (5 November 2018) World Heritage Visitor Centre, Durham & Durham-Münster History Conference 2018. (1 November 2018) Senate Suite, Durham University.

' "The most famous of British voices": A Case Study of Newsreel Commentator E.V.H. Emmett.' Symposium of Sound 2018. (4 September 2018) Grey's College, Durham University.

'The Role of the News Theatres: Newcastle News Theatres during World War Two.' Social History Society Conference 2018. (11 June 2018) Keele University.

Research interests

  • Film History
  • The Second World War
  • Twentieth-century European History
  • Music in the Holocaust

Esteem Indicators

  • 2019: Celebrating Student Achievement - Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Recipient of 'Inspirational Student' Award - History Department, Durham University.
  • 2016: AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award Studentship: