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Harsh Bajpai

Pgr Combined Role

Pgr Combined Role in the Durham Law School


Harsh obtained his Bachelor’s in Business Administration and Law from Symbiosis International University, India (BBA LLB 2016); and Masters in International and Comparative Law from George Washington University, USA. He is currently a PhD student in the law school where he holds the position of Part-Time Tutor. He has tutored English Law and Legal System and Tort Law in the academic year (2020-21) & Criminal Law and Individual and the State in the academic year (2021-22).

Harsh is now an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA).

Current Research

Harsh’s principal areas of research lie at the intersection of Human Rights, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. His PhD is titled (and perhaps temporarily), Evaluating Biometric Technologies and Artificial Intelligence Systems in the Education Sector: Building a ‘FAT’ framework (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency) through a comparative study between India and United Kingdom. Harsh’s thesis divides the privacy question into three parts: Designing, Development and Deployment of AI systems, and evaluates violation of human rights at each of the three stages. Harsh’s research questions the legal regulations like GDPR that are enforceable once the AI systems are deployed and advocates for regulations at each of the stages mentioned above.

To answer such questions, Harsh is contextualising privacy of students and teachers in an Indian school. How are they different to the schools of UK and US, what are the differences between the approaches of judiciary and the legislature to use of AI systems and finally suggesting proposals for legal reform to address the human rights violations.

Journal article publications
  • Changing Ideals and Jurisprudence of Indian Legal Academia: Changing Ideals and Jurisprudence of Indian Legal Academia - International Journal of Law and Legal Jurisprudence Studies (ISSN:2348-8212). Dec 7, 2015.
  • Misery of Refugees: Issues, Governances, Challenges and Solutions I.S.S.N 2321- 6417. Law Mantra Journal · Oct 16, 2015.
  • Child Trafficking: Slavery and Exploitation. ISBN No.: 978-81-927183-1-6. Referred by the LOK SABHA SECRETARIAT (footnote number 3 and 6 is of our paper). (Department of Geography, Darjeeling Government College in ICSSR Sponsored Book) · Jan 1, 2014.
  • Need of Environmental Laws to Preserve Coastal Ecosystem: A Study on the Confluence of Rushikulya River, ISSN No.: 2348-1277.
Newspapers/ blog publications
White paper publications

Research interests

  • Human Centred Design Ethics
  • Human rights law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Media Law
  • Technology Law and Policy