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Dr Heather Slater

Research Assistant

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Research Assistant in the Department of PsychologyRH016 


Journal Article

  • Rinne, Teemu, Muers, Ross S, Salo, Emma, Slater, Heather & Petkov, Christopher I (2017). Functional Imaging of Audio–Visual Selective Attention in Monkeys and Humans: How do Lapses in Monkey Performance Affect Cross-Species Correspondences? Cerebral Cortex 27(6): 3471.
  • Slater, Heather, Milne, Alice E., Wilson, Benjamin, Muers, Ross S., Balezeau, Fabien, Hunter, David, Thiele, Alexander, Griffiths, Timothy D. & Petkov, Christopher I. (2016). Individually customisable non-invasive head immobilisation system for non-human primates with an option for voluntary engagement. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 269: 46.
  • Wilson, B., Slater, H., Kikuchi, Y., Milne, A. E., Marslen-Wilson, W. D., Smith, K. & Petkov, C. I. (2013). Auditory Artificial Grammar Learning in Macaque and Marmoset Monkeys. Journal of Neuroscience 33(48): 18825.