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Hussin Zahloul

Research Postgraduate – Electrical Power Node

Research Postgraduate – Electrical Power Node in the Department of Engineering


My nameis Hussin Zahloul a PhD student at department of engineering Durham University I am from libya on my undergraduate 2007-2010 I studied an electrical engineering ( power system) from high institute of science and technology Tiji libya. In 2016 I have got my Msc of science and engineering in renwable energy and resouce managments.

I am committed, reliable individual with comprehensive engineering and management skills, I can apply all what I have learned and attempting to gain and learn. I possess excellent communicational skills, both verbal and written, allowing me to build rapport with people of various roles and duties.

Research Project

The Libyan government, however, is planning to diversify its energy mix and to harness the country’s solar and wind potential. In this regards, Libya aims for 7 % of electricity generation to come from renewable energy by 2020, followed with 10 % by 2025 [3]. This requires a major rethink about the energy installation and consumption in Libya and advanced research on feasibility of renewable energy resources for different regions of the country.

The main aim of this PhD project is to perform advanced research in feasibility of solar energy resource for Libya, by focusing on geographical, regional climate and technical issues. The project includes three inter-link parts: feasibility study, computer simulation