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Dr Jane Wilcockson

Senior Research Associate

AffiliationRoom numberTelephone
Senior Research Associate in the Department of Sociology  


Jane Wilcockson worked in the Health Service for more than a decade prior to working as a Researcher in the Department of Education at Newcastle University. It is here that her interest in how CAQDAS (computer assisted qualitative data analysis software) can support qualitative researchers in their work was initiated Jane has acquired extensive knowledge and experience of using the software NVivo to support both small and large qualitative datasets. Jane enjoys a varied research career that has been cross-disciplinary, encompassing a wide range of methodologies and research interests both within and out-with University employment. Jane’s main research interest is in the wellbeing of older people, specifically people affected by dementia.

Jane has recently joined Durham University and is currently working on the research project ‘Beyond the Margins’ that seeks to evaluate the implementation of a Personal Development Program, developed with, by and for people living with dementia who are not accessing existing services and support. This study is funded by the Alzheimer’s Society and is undertaken in collaboration with our external partners ‘Innovations in Dementia’.

Jane Wilcockson works one day a week for Durham University


Journal Article

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