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Professor Jason Arday

Honorary Professor

BA Hons, PGCE, MA, MEd, PGCertTLHE, PGDip, PhD, fHEA

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Honorary Professor in the Department of Sociology  

Research interests

  • Race and Education
  • Race and Class
  • Race and Social Justice
  • Race and Intersectionality
  • Cultural Studies

Research groups

  • Higher Education and Social Inequalities

Esteem Indicators

  • 0000: Editorial Board Member for Sociology :
  • 0000: Editorial Board, Educational Philosophy and Theory: Reviewer of Papers, Reviewer of Special Issue Proposals:
  • 0000: Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (RSA):
  • 0000: Lead Editor on Palgrave Race and Education Book Series:
  • 0000: The Centre for Labour and Social Studies (CLASS) National Advisory Panel Member:
  • 0000: Trustee of The British Sociological Association (BSA):
  • 0000: Trustee of The Literacy Pirates :
  • 0000: Trustee of the Runnymede Trust:
  • 0000: UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) Working Group on BME Participation in Postgraduate Research Member:
  • 0000: Universities UK Advisory Board Member on Racial Harassment in Higher Education:

Media Contacts

Available for media contact about:

  • Education:
  • General policy:
  • Identity, ethnicity and culture:
  • Social and ethical inequality:
  • Music:
  • The Media:
  • Social Policy: Family, youth, race & gender issues:
  • Sociology:


Authored book

  • Arday, Jason (Forthcoming). Being Young, Black and Male: Challenging the dominant discourse. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Arday, J. (2019). Considering Racialised Contexts in Education: Using reflective practice and peer-mentoring to support Black and Ethnic Minority educators. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Arday, J. (2019). Cool Britannia and Multi-Ethnic Britain: Uncorking the Champagne Supernova. Abingdon: Routledge.

Chapter in book

  • Arday, Jason (Accepted). Walls Can Come Tumbling Down: Negotiating Normative Whiteness, Racial Micro-aggressions and Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) mental health within the Academy. In Routledge Handbook of Critical Race and Whiteness Studies. Andreassen, R, Lundstorm, C, Keskinen, L, Tate, S A. New York: Routledge.
  • Arday, Jason (Accepted). Decolonising higher learning education in the UK. In A World History of Sociology. Dufoix, S & Mosbah-Natanson, S France: Springer.
  • Arday, J., & Morton, L. (2021). Exploring the impact of mental health on Black pupil achievement in UK schools. In In Mahmud, A., & Satchell, L. Mental Wellbeing in Schools: What Teachers Need to Know to Support Pupils from Diverse Backgrounds. Abingdon: Routledge.
  • Arday, J (2020). Trying to Break the Monopoly: Diversifying Our Curricula within the Academy. In Tran, D. Decolonizing Teaching and Learning. London: Bloomsbury.
  • Arday, J (2020). Understanding, addressing and centring BAME Leadership in Higher Education. In Doing Diversity for Success in Higher Education: Redressing Structure Inequalities in the Academy. Thomas, D & Arday, J Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Arday, J (2020). Sowing the Seeds: Embracing a more racially inclusive Academy. In Thomas, D., & Arday, J. Doing Diversity for Success in Higher Education: Redressing Structure Inequalities in the Academy. London: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Arday, J (2020). All for One, One for All… If we all join hands we shall not fall. In Towards Decolonising the University: A Kaleidoscope for Empowered Action. Thomas, D & Jivraj, S Oxford: Counterpress.
  • Arday, J. (2019). Race and educational leadership: Where do we start? In Race, Leadership and Education in England: An Integrated Analysis. Miller, P. & Callender, C. London: Bloomsbury.
  • Arday, J. (2019). Equality and diversity in teacher education: Developing an understanding of race and ethnicity in the classroom. In Teaching About Social Justice Issues in Physical Education. Hill, J., Walton-Fisette, J. L. & Sutherland, S. USA: Information Age Publishing.
  • Arday, J. (2019). Understanding mental health: What are the issues for Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff at University. In The Springer Encyclopedia of Teacher Education: A Living Reference. Peters, M. USA: Springer.
  • Arday, J. (2018). Understanding racism within the academy: The persistence of racism within higher education. In The Fire Now: Anti-Racist Scholarship in Times of Explicit Racial Violence. Johnson, A., Joseph-Salisbury, R. & Kamunge, B. London: Zed Books. 26-37.
  • Arday, J. (2018). Being black, male and academic: Navigating the White Academy. In Dismantling Race in Higher Education: Racism, Whiteness and Decolonising the Academy. Arday, J. & Mirza, H. S. London: Palgrave Macmillan. 161-174.

Edited book

Edited Journal

  • Maylor, Uvanney, Roberts, Lorna, Linton, Kenisha & Arday, Jason (2021). Education Management Administration and Leadership Special Issue: Race and Educational Leadership: Rethinking Research Methods for Understanding and Addressing Ethnic Disparities. (Special Issue Theme: Race, Leadership and Research Methods.): Sage Publications.
  • Arday, J & Boliver, V (2021). Special Issue Theme: Higher Education in the Eye of the COVID-19 Storm. Higher Education (Special Issue Theme: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Academy), Springer Publishing.
  • Arday, J (2021). Educational Review Special Issue Theme: World in Motion. The Impact of Covid-19 on Global Higher Education (Special Issue Theme: Higher Education and Covid-19), Taylor and Francis Online.
  • Arday, Jason (2020). Special Issue Theme: Race Education and Social Mobility in Education. Educational Philosophy and Theory (Special Issue: Race and Social Mobility in Education), Taylor and Francis Online.

Journal Article

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Arday, J. (2021). Universities to combat race bias in research. BBC News. .
  • Arday, J. (2021). University offers less likely for more diverse students. BBC News.
  • Arday, J. (2021). BBC News: Newport Pupil looking for University ‘Suitable for Black People’. BBC News.
  • Arday, Jason (2020). Black applicants least likely to be offered PhD places. BBC Newsnight.
  • Arday, Jason (2020). If we want a more equal Britain, we must teach its true Black History. The Guardian
  • Arday, Jason (2020). Talking about a Revolution: Diversifying the knowledge canon in the Academy. British Sociological Association (BSA), Everyday Society..
  • Arday, Jason (2020). This is a Low: The Enduring effects of racial discrimination on mental health within the Academy. Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI).
  • Arday, Jason (2020). BBC Radio 4 Moral Maze: Racial Justice. London: BBC.
  • Arday, J. (2020). Black British history 'missing from school curricula in England'. The Guardian
  • Arday, Jason (2020). Why We need Black History in UK Schools. History Workshop Online, University of Cambridge.
  • Arday, J (2020). We must come together come together to dismantle racism in higher education. Times Higher Education.
  • Arday, J (2020). BBC News Special: Black British History within the UK National Curriculum. BBC, June 2020.
  • Arday, Jason (2020). National Curriculum 'systematically omits' Black British History. The Guardian, November 2020..
  • Arday, Jason (2020). White Staff and a white curriculum: Inside fashion education. Vogue Business
  • Arday, Jason (2019). Research in Focus with Jason Arday. UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE)
  • Arday, J. (2019). Universities stamp out creativity: are graduates ready for work? The Guardian
  • Arday, J. (2019). Racism in academia has major impact on BAME staff mental health. Times Higher Education
  • Arday, Jason (2019). There's still a lot of work to be done to tackle racial harassment in universities. Times Higher Education.
  • Arday, J. (2017). Confronting racial inequality in the academy. University World News


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