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Jesse Bachir

Pgr Combined Role

Pgr Combined Role in the Durham Law School


Jesse obtained his Bachelor's in philosophy, political science, and psychology from New York University (BA 2012); an LLB from Durham University (LLB 2015); and an Master's in legal and political theory from the University of Chicago (AM 2016); he is currently a PhD student in the law school. Jesse worked in the legal field for approximately two years, and passed the New York State Bar. He is presently Teaching Fellow in Public Law & Human Rights, and does teaching both in the law school and the department of philosophy.

Jesse’s thesis is presently (and perhaps temporarily) titled ‘Defending Liberal Democracy: A Necessary Paradigmatic Shift in Freedom.’ It focuses on the nature and meaning of ‘freedom’ and how the political is constructed using that concept. More specifically, it aims to reject popular contemporary conceptions of freedom frequently used in liberal thinking, and replace them with a more robust concept which is better able to construct and reproduce the conditions of liberal democracy. He is supervised by Thom Brooks and Kara Woodbury-Smith.