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Professor Jim Ridgway

Research interests

  • assessment
  • educational psychology
  • gifted and talented children
  • mathematics education
  • technology in education

Esteem Indicators

  • 2016: Invited seminar: Data Visualisation, presented at Statistics Portugal (Porto) F2F and via a webinar to Statistics Portugal (Lisbon)

  • 2002: World Class Tests: Paper test and computer test at ages 9 and 13: March 02; April 02; July 02; November 02; March 03. Tests have been given to 10,000 students in 16 countries
  • 2000: Vice President: International Association for Statistics Education.
  • 2000: Editoral Board: Appointed to Editorial Board of the "Statistical Journal of the International Association for Official Statistics"
  • 2000: Invited Seminar: Invited seminar at OECD Paris (Videocast transmission around the organisation at the same time) "Understanding and Promoting Public Understanding of Evidence"
  • 2000: Position paper: invited to write a position paper by DCSF on /Coping with Complexity /for their Beyond Current Horizons programme.
  • 2000: Membership of Research Council Committees: Member of the Economic and Social Research Council Research Priorities Board (1997-September 2001)Membership of the Steering Committee of the ESRC Teaching and Learning Initiative (1999-September 2001)Membership of the Steering Committee for the ESRC Learning Society Programme (1999-September 2001)
  • 2000: Member of QCA Advisory Working Group: Member of the QCA Advisory Working Group for the Key Stage 3 ICT tests, 2004-2005
  • 2000: Keynote Addresses in International Forums: Ridgway, J. (2005). Studies of the processes of task design. Keynote Address at the First Conference of the International Society for Design and Development in Education, Oxford.Ridgway, J. (2003). The evaluation of complex competencies. Keynote at the V Seminario de la Redu (focussed on the responses of Spanish Universities to the Bologna accord), Madrid.Ridgway, J. (2002). Web-based assessment. Keynote talk to 1000 teachers on Hong Kong, organized by the Hong Kong Assessment Authority.
  • 2000: Invited member of panel at Stockholm conference: Round table: Towards a more evidence-based participatory democracy: should statisticians do more to make it happen? Chair: Hervé Carré. Panel: Enrico Giovannini, Kjell Jansson, Jim Ridgway, Hans Rosling, Sara Wood .


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