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Miss Johanna Reimann

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Member of the Durham Law School  


Johanna is doing a Master of Jurisprudence (MJur) and works as a part-time tutor on the UK Constitutional Law module. She has a first-class Law degree from Durham University.

Johanna is researching the law and market practices around the unsustainable practices of companies within the retail sector. She is being supervised by Chris Riley and Daniel Attenborough. Her research proposes to examine how companies can be encouraged to adopt more sustainable practices or be made responsible for their environmental impact. The aim of Johanna’s research is to ascertain whether soft law principles, in particular the role of B-Corp certification, are sufficient to exert influence over the adoption of ESG measures. Her research will evaluate the effectiveness of the current law, but primarily aims to enrich our understanding of the solutions available to tackle the social problem of unsustainable practices by multi-national, retail corporations.

She also works 10 hours a week for Cambridge University clinical medicine contract’s team as a Contract’s Administrator/Specialist where she creates and finalises amendments to existing agreements between university academics and various institutions, individuals, and/or pharmaceutical companies.