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Ms Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima

Part-Time Tutor

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Part-Time Tutor in the Durham Law School  


Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima is a Lecturer in Commercial Law at the University of Leeds. She is currently completing her PhD at Durham Law School, where she has held the highly competitive and prestigious Modern Law Review Scholarship (2018-2020) and Durham Law School Studentship (2017-2020).


Research interests

Karina’s research interests centre on the constitutive role of law over the world’s economic organisation, with a particular focus on International Economic Law (IEL). Her areas of expertise include global economic governance, international financial institutions, and the international legal architecture of money and finance. She is particularly interested in the role of financial and monetary legal infrastructures in development and environmental sustainability strategies, including in the field of sovereign debt and sovereign insolvency.

Membership and networks

Karina is a member of the Institute of Commercial and Corporate Law (ICCL) and of the Law and Global Justice (LGJ) research cluster at Durham Law School. She is also affiliated to the Association for the Promotion of Political Economy and the Law (APPEAL) and the Young Scholars Initiative (YSI), supported by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). Furthermore, she is the co-chair of the International Economic Law (IEL) Collective’s Law and Finance Working Group.

Doctoral research

Karina’s doctoral research aims to contribute to the legal political economy foundations of an international law on sovereign bankruptcy. For this purpose, it deals with a structural enquiry: in which ways, and to what extent, does the law on sovereign debt exercise a distributive role within the debtor state and across the global economy? By unpacking the legal infrastructures through which the existing legal governance of sovereign debt restructuring creates and perpetuates inequality and asymmetries within debtor states and across the globe, her thesis discusses the potential of law to achieve transformative change in the field of sovereign debt.

Inspired by legal institutionalism and the Law and Political Economy (LPE) movement, a dynamic and rapidly-evolving field at the frontline of the discipline, her research is driven towards transforming the global economy through institutional innovation.


Karina was a Teaching Assistant for the core undergraduate modules Contract Law and English Law and Legal Methods from 2017-20. She has also taught as an invited lecturer on Advanced Issues in International Economic Law, a core module of Durham Law School’s LLM streams in International Law and Governance, International Trade and Commercial Law, and European Trade and Commercial Law.

Karina is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Project management

From 2018-20, Karina was the Project Manager of the Decent Work Regulation Project, led by Professor Deirdre McCann. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), the project is a partnership with the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO).


Karina speaks English, Portuguese, and Spanish. She can also read in French.


Research interests

  • International Economic Law
  • Private Law
  • Law and Political Economy
  • Law and Money/Finance
  • Law and Macroeconomics


Chapter in book

Conference Paper

  • Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima (2020), The Political Economy of Sovereign’s Debt Legal Framework as Risk Allocation, Institute for Global Law and Policy 2020 Scholars Workshop, 16-21 August 2020. The Thailand Institute of Justice, Bangkok, Thailand.

Journal Article

  • Stephen Connelly, Celine Tan, Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima & Chris Tassis (2020). The G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative: What of Commercial Creditors? Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 35(11): 741.

Other (Digital/Visual Media)

  • Stephen Connelly, Celine Tan, Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima & Chris Tassis (2020). Staying Claims: Debt Moratoria Beyond the Debt Service Suspension Initiative.
  • Deirdre McCann, Kelly Pike & Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima (2020). How to Protect the Women Who Make Our Clothes? Worker Voice is Vital in the Pandemic. LSE Social Policy Blog
  • Stephen Connelly, Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima & Celine Tan (2020). Proposal for Debt Suspension Legislation.
  • Stephen Connelly Celine Tan, Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima & Chris Tassis (2020). GLOBE Centre Briefing Note: COVID-19: Suspending Debt Service for Indebted Countries.
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  • Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima (2020). Another Lost Decade? Phenomenal World.
  • Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima (2019). Riscos da entrada do Brasil na OCDE para a estabilidade macroeconômica e financeira do país. GGN
  • Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima & Arely Cruz-Santiago (2019). Roma: How Alfonso Cuarón’s movie is spurring Mexico to treat domestic workers more fairly. World Economic Forum


  • Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima (2020), The Political Economy of Sovereign’s Debt Legal Framework as Risk Allocation, Inaugural LPE Project Conference, 24-26 September 2020. University of Yale Law School, New Haven, CT, USA.
  • Karina Patricio Ferreira Lima (2019), Monetary Sovereignty and Sovereign Debt Restructuring: A Law and Political Economy Approach to International Economic Law, IEL Collective Inaugural Conference. University of Warwick, Conventry, UK.
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